The (not so) hidden us intervention in venezuela

Financing and support from the north for the opposition

The history of american influence in latin america is long. Mostly drugs are the occasion, but sometimes the ol, as in venezuela.

The united states are a mandrel in particular chavez ‘independent outdoor and olpolitik. Venezuela does not fug the us policy against colombia and has rejected both the list of own territory by the usa and a military district of colombia, the cooperation in bushs "anti-terroralian" denied and meant the afghanistan war "do not get terrorism with terrorism".

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Yemen could become a next afghanistan

Al-qaeda spreads in the arab country despite the us interventions, in the new al qaeda magazine young people are looking for terrorist

Al-qaeda hardly plays a role in iraq and afghanistan. Her new locations are somalia and above all of the yemen ("we come to suck you"to). In the republic on the arabian peninsula, the mixtue anti-terror war of the united states has begun: the military assistance for yemen is significantly increased. Cia secret agents are suburb and hunt al qaeda (with us drones is to be killed islamist preachers in yemen). But also us stateburger, who could bust attentate in the us, as they are the new edition of the al qaeda online magazine "inspire" propose.

Yemen could become a next Afghanistan

Title page of the al qaeda magazine inspire. All pictures from inspire

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Indonesia: tsunami with at least 832 dead

Indonesia: Tsunami with at least 832 dead

Amateeuer video recording of the overshoot of palu. Screenshot: tp.

Warning system does not warn residents

An earthquake of strong 7.4 and a subsequent 800 kilometer faster tsunami, on friday evening (local time) on the island of sulawesi (celebes) located between borneo and neuguinea, took the information of indonesian catastrophic protections after at least 832 people and injured another 500. Since not only a ten-hour hotel, but also thousands attract other buildings, they suspect that the number of victims could rise significantly.

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Your traces in the sand

Your traces in the sand

A 1.5 million year old footprint from ileret, photo: m.R. Bennett, bournemouth university

1.5 million year old human fibe prints discovered

Once again there are exciting traces of the ancestors of modern man in africa. In kenya, hominids go on two legs, the impressions of their fruze in the mud, fine sand preserved them over 1.5 million years. The analysis showed that these early people were very similarly built like us.

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What was invented what stolen?

Greenpeace and monsanto are arguing over wheat and biscuits

That the environmental protection organization greenpeace of the work of the european patent office is equally critical of it as a considerable part of the product range of the gentech and agraries monsanto is clearly known. Nevertheless, a coarse part of the clashes plays around gene-manipulated plants or patents on life if not excluding, then without real sympathy of the public. In the present case, there could be some other, because behind the patent ep 445 929, with the inconspicuous name "plan" is provided, do not hide (for the time being abstract) claim to any organisms, but very comprehensible economic interests.

The patent that the company monsanto on 21. In may 2003, it refers to the intersection of a traditional indian wheat variety with other, also non-maculated plants, but not only includes the wheat itself, but also the further processing levels up to "crunchy, flour-mounted, edible products such as biscuits or a similar". Monsantos press spokesman andreas thierfelder, greet the claim of his company against telepolis as follows:

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No desire to lauscher

According to two physicists, the search for signals of auberrard intelligence could therefore be in vain because they hide their communication against curious eyes and ears

We still do not know if we are alone in the universe as intelligent beings. Despite some unchecked ufo trail, we have probably not visited us a carer dirt so far. And with the existing resources, no finds have come to a search for communication signals in the search for communication signals of aiberish intelligent living beings. Even though more and more planets have been found and thus the likelihood has risen that there are a lot of planets on which life could have been created, the question remains why we have not belonged to anyberry civilizations yet, if it has been be.

In 1950, the nuclear physicist enrico fermi presented some colleagues the question of why no auberdirdish intelligent living beings (etis) had come to earth. After his conviction, according to the so-called fermi-paradox, had a civilization that had the appropriate technique for space travel such as missiles, time enough to find and colonize our galaxy. Within a few million years, the milk strain could be in the hands of such a carberland who wants to dominate the earth like the european volker. In view of the age of the universe, a civilization had to stop by ourselves on the earth — if they emigrate, the dairy strain colonize and just come in time, in the people who also get along.. You can think of a lot of reason why the intelligent auberdians are not here (if you do not believe in it, they have been here or are still there with their ufos).

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Atomic nightmare

The existing nuclear systems worldwide are not protected against connection

Despite the critical security situation after attacks on afghanistan, castor retailers from german nuclear power plants were again transported to france last week. Reliable security measures are not available, security authorities and operator companies talk possible potential dangers as unlikely.

Since april 2001, they rumble back in regularly, the castor transports. Was on 1. October has been canceled even a transport because of the terrorist wave, so are at night to 10. September again two transports with radioactive atomum from the north german nuclear power plants stade and brunsbuttel broke up for reprocessing to la hague / france. Only with bremen was stopped by the train of 30 lonely nuclear power gates for 20 minutes.

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Religious education and the basic law

There is no entitlement to ethics lessons in elementary school, the federal administrative court judged. But there is a claim to religious education.

From the 14. Every year, everyone in germany himself can decide which religion he liked or not. Until 14. Life of life, this decision is responsible for the legal guardian that can also determine in that the child is part of religious education or not. Unlike early times, where the children who did not participate in religious education, simply parked in a corner of the classroom and had to be expected with infants, it is no longer verpont, not to pay religious education to religious education. Many schools alternatively offer ethics lessons.

However, there is no entitlement to such ethics lessons, the federal administrative court now ruled. Had succeeded by a mother whose denominational children should not participate in religious education, but on ethics lessons. However, this was not offered at the school. The claimant looked in a disadvantage of her children in elementary school and moved in court. Already the administrative court mannheim had denied the claim with judgment of february 2013. The federal administrative court has dismissed the revision of the claimant with its current judgment, which is why you only open the course to karlsruhe.

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«The eu must speak stronger»

The osce media officer freedom duve on the consequences after surpasses on journalists and demonstrating the g-8-gifels in genoa

The surpasses of italian safety faith on demonstrators and demonstrators during the g-8 summit in july in genoa are now the subject of numerous preliminary investigations. Numerous globalization opponents put the surpasses on journalists, but also on participants of the protests, in the context of a europe-wide limit of fundamental rights. Contrary to the opinion that is due to the relevant domestic situation under silvio berlusconi and the government participation of neofascist force.

Also fruity dive, commissioned to protect the media of "organization for safety and cooperation in europe" (osce) has turned to the italian aufemister renato ruggiero in an open protest letter — his answer is still waiting for himself so far. In the conversation with telepolis, duve describes, the 18 years for the spd in the bundestag sab, his association.

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Warming up, the income of the top managers also

In gobritannia live after a study seven million people with job under one "extreme financial stress", from the wages to life, is becoming more and more difficult for many

In the great britain, there is no hartz iv, but of course the arguments equal when it comes to the unemployed. You should see yourself to get a job, then everything is fine. Especially as work, regardless of all conditions, is always better than not working, and performance is always rewarded.

This gladly from conservative and liberal knitted ideology, which incidentally relies on flexibilization of the world of work, has increasingly difficulties in view of the growing army of the "working poor" to claim. The army of those grows, which have work, but thus do not make a lot to be able to live. Add to this the many atypical and badly paid employment procedures of part-time, temporary work and minijobs. And if this situation is not only given to prefabricated, but a long time, then it also expires the costly to the system-keeping promise for the most prolonged, that cheap work is the golden path to a better paid job.

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