Top 100 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

Top 100 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia

List of the Best Australia Content Marketing Companies


Brafton is a Boston-based digital marketing agency founded in 2008. They have 2 additional offices across in Chicago and San Francisco. Its team of almost 200 is proficient in a variety of content marketing services including blogs, newsletters, emails, infographics, and video production. They also specialize in SEO and social media marketing.

An educational company that manages university websites was trying to increase the quality of their site content. Brafton provided blog content for the company’s site, including articles and infographic design. They also manage the company’s social media accounts and calendar.

«Our engagement online has been very good. It’s a combination of excellent communication, excellent customer service, and quality of work.» – SEO Manager, Education Company


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Editor Group

Editor Group is a specialty digital marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia, with offices in Singapore and New York. Founded in 1998, Editor Group has just over 100 employees, and focuses on crafting marketing copy and long-form content. Its services include content marketing, digital strategy, and SEO.

Editor Group provided a global consulting firm with corporate communications copy during an overhaul of its website. The client wanted to condense 10,000 distinct pages to 1,000, and to increase its engagement and customer retention. Editor Group was able to improve the content’s quality, increasing shares and interaction while reducing the overall length. The client was pleased with the value of Editor Group’s services, as well as the quality of its work.

«It definitely improved our website. There’s 300 pages that are an extraordinary amount more appealing than they were before. The content is dynamic and it’s sharable.» – Director of Corporate Communications, Consulting Firm

SGK is a global packaging and brand experience company based in London with offices in Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, and Chennai, India. The company, founded in 1953, has more than 5,800 employees and provides content marketing, branding, email marketing, event marketing & planning, packaging design, social media marketing, and video production services. SGK serves midmarket and other-sized companies in the consumer products & services, retail, financial services, and medical industries.

A food & beverage company hired SGK to do packaging architecture and design work. SGK did prototyping, provided strategies and insights, and designed concepts. They also worked with the company’s internal teams to explore different packaging ideas that would excite consumers and enhance consumer experience. SGK has been meeting the company’s expectations in this ongoing engagement.

«They’re very transparent regarding delivery time and have never gone past a deadline.» — Innovation Manager, Food & Beverage Company

Civic Web Media

Civic Web Media is a specialist content marketing agency founded in Newcastle, Australia in 2015. With fewer than 10 professionals, they offer content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing solutions to various clients.

Civic Web Media provided web content writing solutions for an SEO agency. The agency was in need of high-quality content for their clients’ websites. The clients of the agency were satisfied with Civic Web Media’s work.

“I expected to have to provide more clarification and possibly some edits to the content to ensure our clients were happy with it, but we didn’t need to, which was great.” — Director, SEO Agency

Content Copywriting

Content Copywriting is a small content marketing company established in 2012. Their services include content marketing, search engine optimization, marketing strategy, and digital strategy. The company is based in Sydney, Australia.

A financial services company hired Content Copywriting for content marketing and SEO services. They implemented the SEO strategies and produced 3-4 pieces of content per month.

«They have been extremely open to listening to my constructive criticism/feedback.»


Neuralle is an agency based in East Melbourne, Australia, and founded in 2016. Their team of more than two offers content marketing, social media marketing, and video production solutions for clients ranging from small firms to large businesses.

Neuralle produced videos for a digital currency exchange company. The videos lasted 30 seconds each and were used for marketing purposes. The company commended Neuralle for being easy to work with.

“They were attentive and really cared about the quality of their work. It felt like they were invested in our success.” — Former Marketing Lead, Digital Currency Exchange Company

Earned Media

Earned Media is a content marketing and SEO agency. Their small team is based in Sydney, Australia. Their services include content marketing and search engine optimization. The agency was founded in 2019.

Earned Media worked as a private chef booking platform’s SEO strategy team. The vendor also offered consulting for the client’s organic growth.

«It was invaluable to have their team lead our technical conversations.»


Amplify is a London-based experiential branding agency founded in 2007. Their team of approximately 100 employees specializes in event marketing and planning. Mostly serving enterprise-level and some mid-market clients, the team also provides marketing strategy.

Working for a premium alcohol brand, Amplify helped design activations for a music festival. They handled everything from the ideation to the physical builds of the activations. The client had a fantastic experience working with them.

«The deliverables are 1,000% perfect.» — Manager, Alcohol Brand

OnQ Marketing

Digital marketing agency OnQ Marketing was founded in 2010. Based in Melbourne, Australia, their small team of 7 specializes in digital strategy, SEO, web design, and more, primarily for small businesses.

OnQ Marketing managed social media marketing services for a retail marketing service. The agency implemented several targeted strategies and created content. The client’s digital presence and client base have grown since OnQ Marketing joined their team.

«The whole process was seamless. They deliver and implement their work on time.» — Principal Consultant, Retail Marketing Service

Sunny Creates

Sunny Creates is a small content marketing company. They focus on content marketing, search engine optimization, video production, advertising, and more and were established in [node:field_pp_year_founded:value]. The company is located in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain and Palm Beach, Australia.

Sunny Creates was hired by a life science company to create relevant, well-written content for their web pages. They aimed to create unique websites that featured their products and industry-relevant content.

«Nevertheless, they exceeded our expectations and created very cool content for our pages.»

Five by Five

Five by Five is a creative marketing and advertising agency based in Southampton, United Kingdom. Founded in 1979, they have about 70 employees that specialize in product launches. Their services include conventional advertising, digital strategy, branding, content marketing, and traditional PR.

Five by Five assisted a DIY and hardware brand with a brand launch for their new smaller, urban stores. They developed a campaign that highlights the friendly and knowledgeable staff as well as the convenience of having access to home improvement equipment in a city environment. The campaign became part of the brand identity and remains central to the firm’s marketing efforts.

BlueChip Communication

BlueChip Communication is a PR and marketing agency based in Sydney with a team of 67 experts. Founded in 2004, they offer PR, marketing strategy, and content marketing solutions for clients ranging from small businesses to large firms. They have experience working with companies from the fields of financial services and real estate.

BlueChip Communication worked with an asset management company to assist them with their digital marketing needs. The company hired BlueChip Communication to run a marketing campaign for the sake of their global fund. The campaign resulted in numerous conversions and the funds raised exceeded the expectations of the company.

«They understood all aspects of the digital marketing program and sourced the right programs to pull it all together.» — CEO, Asset Management Company


Luminary is a digital marketing agency founded in 1999. Their team of 60+ employees focuses on UX/UI design, web design, and web development. They are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and have offices in Sydney and Brisbane. They also have an office in Legian, Indonesia. Their clients mainly mid-market businesses in the financial services, consumer products and services, and education industries.

Luminary built a new website using Kentico. They created the site according to the client’s mockups and made it responsive and included images. As a result of the work Luminary put into their project, the client’s conversion rates improved significantly along with the usability of the site.

“We’re really happy with their work, and the experience with them was so much better than our experiences with other agencies. I was impressed by their solutions for every problem we gave them, and I don’t have anything negative to say.” – Senior Manager of Digital Engagement, Aid and Development Agency


Crowd is a global communications and design agency headquartered in San Francisco with multiple locations in the United States, Toronto, Shenzhen, London, and Dubai. The 30-person team offers comprehensive communication and marketing capabilities, including full-service web design and social media campaigns. Clients of Crowd vary widely in terms of industry and scale, demonstrating the small firm’s versatility in providing digital solutions.

An upscale shopping center and hotel development in San Francisco used Crowd to develop a marketing strategy for leasing units and attracting specific kinds of tenants. The development firm behind the complex employed the whole array of Crowd’s services, including web design, physical advertisements and signage, and social media presence. The development has since confirmed several high profile individuals will be bringing restaurants and storefronts to the location when it opens.

» Their level of sophistication in terms of design profile is strong, and it’s definitely a distinctive factor about Crowd, compared to other designers and agencies I’ve worked with in the past. They have a good sense for sorting through the clutter and figuring out what’s right for my project. » — Director of Marketing, San Francisco commercial development

Elevate Communication

Elevate Communication is a full-service creative and strategic communications agency located in Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 2007, their team includes 19 employees. Elevate Communication provides mostly PR, web development, and social media marketing services.

A skincare company hired Elevate Communication for their expertise in a plethora of marketing services. To position the company as an industry leader, Elevate Communication kept their name in the news, implemented a social communication strategy, and ultimately increased the client’s brand awareness.

Melbourne SEO

Melbourne SEO, a SEO company, is based in Prahran, Australia. Established in 2010, the small team focuses on search engine optimization and content marketing.

To optimize their website, a training workshop company hired Melbourne SEO. The team conducted an audit of their website’s SEO performance as well as wrote keyword-rich articles for them.

Digital Next AUS

Digital Next AUS is a digital marketing company based in Melbourne, Australia with a location in Manchester, UK. They offer SEO, PPC, and content marketing services. The business was founded in 2008, and it has fewer than 30 employees.

Digital Next AUS managed a digital marketing campaign for an air conditioning company. They implemented user analytics to track conversions, and they also performed SEO and PPC services. Organic keyword rankings rose and organic traffic increased.

«From start to finish, the Digital Next team did a fantastic job sticking to deadlines and keeping my team updated on changes.» – General Manager, Air Conditioning Company

L&A Social Media

L&A Social Media is a Sydney-based digital marketing company. Founded in 2012, their team of fewer than 50 employees services enterprise and midmarket. Services include social media marketing, content marketing, and marketing strategy.

L&A Social Media designed a marketing strategy for a beverage company. After launching presences across various social media platforms, the team managed each of them to accomplish the company’s goals of increasing brand awareness. Within two years, the team’s efforts have dramatically improved engagement.

“Within two years, we had over 100,000 followers on Facebook and 20,000 followers on Instagram. It delivered a great channel for us to launch new products, brand initiatives, and also drive sales.” — CEO, Beverage Company


Assemblo is a full-service marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia that brings together traditional and digital advertising. Founded in 2010, Assemblo has 7 employees and offers a variety of services to support growing brands, including brand development, digital strategy, web development, and content marketing.

Assemblo developed a new website for an Australian state agency for supporting small businesses. They delivered a functional platform for highlighting small business leaders in the community. After launch, more than 30% of the client’s web traffic came through the site, considerably outpacing projections. The client especially appreciated Assemblo’s initiative in filling in gaps in the suggestions and directions.

«Assemblo was friendly and helpful. They were given the near impossible task of coding the website in two weeks (due to government approval processes and the fight it took to get to payment) and were able to do this.» — Digital Marketing Officer, Australian State Agency


AndMine is a digital marketing agency that was founded in 2009. They have 23 employees in their offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, where they provide full-service digital solutions to small, midmarket, and international companies, typically in healthcare, business services, and e-commerce. Services include advertising, e-commerce, social media, website and app development, SEO, copywriting, and CRM.

AndMine developed a website from the ground up for a brokerage firm that buys and sells businesses. They also provided marketing services for the site. The development and advertising provided by AndMine exceeded the client’s expectations and set the client above the competition.

“Their team is communicative and flexible, addressing any and all needs. They created a superior website and redeveloped parts of it to ensure we stay ahead of our competition. They are the best in the business.” – Director of Sales, Brokerage Firm

Sequel PR

Sequel PR is an integrated communications firm based in Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 2000, they have fewer than 50 employees that specialize in public relations, crisis communications, internal communications, media and presentation training, social media strategy and content, marketing, issues and stakeholder management, competitor research, communication audits, and creative design.

Sequel PR ran a successful relaunch of a distillery in Queensland. After a range of targeted stories and hosting small events, news of the launch was all over the media.


Sparro is a digital marketing agency in Haymarket, Australia. Founded in 2010, they have 47 employees that serve mostly enterprise and midmarket clients in the e-commerce, business, and government sectors. Services include SEO, PPC, and digital strategy.

Sparro handled SEO and PPC efforts for a logistics company. Their team also managed the client’s social media marketing. The work has had a positive impact on the client’s business and has received positive feedback.

“The team genuinely cares about the business.” – Head of Digital, Logistics Company

Four Dots

Four Dots is a digital marketing agency based in Novi Sad, Serbia, that was established in 2013. Their team of 83 employees offers SEO, PPC, copywriting, and web design services.

Four Dots improved the SEO for an e-commerce website to boost exposure. Their team used link-building and keyword optimization strategies to create a digital presence that was better tailored to search algorithms. After its launch, the site consistently hit 2000 unique visitors daily for a month.

In Motion Marketing

In Motion Marketing is a digital strategy company based in Doreen, Australia. The small team specializes in digital strategy, content marketing, marketing strategy, branding, and more and was launched in 2020.

In Motion Marketing handles digital marketing services for a recruitment agency. This involves website optimization, content development, content marketing, and lead generation efforts.


Cemoh is an outsourced marketing services company based in Brisbane, Australia. The company, founded in 2018, has a team of less than ten that provides, among others, marketing strategy, digital strategy, and social media marketing services to small and midmarket companies in various industries that include retail, e-commerce, and advertising & marketing.

A healthcare software solution company hired Cemoh to formulate a lead generation strategy as well as a digital marketing strategy. In particular, Cemoh was tasked develop an integrated approach to CRM management (Salesforce), email marketing, SEM, PPC, and social media to align with the company’s business objectives to drive the growth and uptake of the company’s healthcare solution software in the US health system market. The engagement has made the company grow and enabled them to develop means to further drive growth.

«We have grown our leads more than 300% since we started with Cemoh.» — Director of Marketing and Communications, Healthcare Software Solution Company

XEN Systems

XEN Systems is a digital agency headquartered in Chatswood, Australia. The company, founded in 2009, has 9 employees who specialize in digital strategy, social media marketing, and content marketing.

XEN Systems provided digital marketing and strategy for an IT firm. The client needed to expand their marketing services, and they needed advice. They were specifically looking for website management, design, SEO, online advertising, and HubSpot services. XEN Systems planned and developed the marketing materials the client needed, and the client has seen an increase in revenue and positive feedback.

“Since we’ve started working with XEN, we’ve almost doubled our recurring revenue customer base. Visits to the site are up and so are leads.” — Marketing Manager, IT Firm


Emotive is a small advertising company. Launched in 2015, the firm is in Tamarama, Australia. Their team focuses on advertising, content marketing, digital strategy, marketing strategy, and more.

A software marketing company hired Emotive to provide branding services. They’ve been helping the client refresh their brand awareness by creating logos and concept designs, among other tasks.

«I don’t think there’s anything they can improve on — I’m super excited about their work!»

Attention Experts

Attention Experts is a social media marketing management agency that was founded in 2016. They’re based in St. Leonards, Australia, and also provide content and email marketing services.

Attention Experts ran a social media campaign for a marketing and branding agency. Their work led to a significant increase in engagement.

iDigitalise — Digital Marketing

iDigitalise is a digital marketing agency that has been offering social media marketing and web development services to their clients since 2012. Their 250 employees are based out of Mumbai.

iDigitalise — Digital Marketing is handling a retail corporation’s digital marketing initiatives. They’re managing a Facebook ad and Google campaign for the client.

«The iDigitalise team is always ready to help.»

The Sponge

The Sponge is a branding studio that has offices in Pyrmont and Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 2001, The Sponge’s team of about 15 employees has nearly two decades of experience in branding and digital strategy. The firm also offers marketing strategy services to its clients, which are evenly split between small businesses and mid-market outfits.

The Sponge partnered with a ceramics company to run a rebranding campaign that would help them better connect with customers. Prior to starting work, the team at The Sponge conducted customer interviews and market research in order to best direct their efforts. The firm used their research to help develop messages, core values, and stories for the brand, as well as to redesign their website. The client has seen a 40-50% increase in audience size since the end of the campaign and was impressed with The Sponge’s professionalism and work ethic.

«Luke (project manager) was a responsible person. He looked after everything, stayed up-to-date on current marketing trends, and delivered what he promised. He had a strong relationship with everyone who was necessary to finish the job. I achieved what I needed and learned a lot while talking with him.» —Marketing Manager, Ceramics Company

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