Real estate articles overseas

Real estate articles overseas

In September 2021, a new migration law 4825/2021 came into force in Greece, which for the first time introduced the legal concept of a digital nomad. According to the law, Greece grants a national visa for 12 months to citizens who work independently or to employees who work remotely with employers and clients outside Greece. With the Digital Nomad Visa, it is possible to obtain a temporary residence permit for Greece.

Germany’s most photographic hotels ranked

There are plenty of rankings out there that highlight the world’s most luxe hotels, but they tend to focus on vacation hotspots in the likes of Dubai and Singapore. Europe’s comparatively business-centric destinations tend to be overlooked.

French citizenship: how to get

In this article we will tell you how foreigners may obtain citizenship in France, who can apply for the countrys passport and how to avoid being refused the desired document.

In commercial property investment, the devil is in the details: Case study of a Berlin supermarket

The skills required for effective commercial real estate management span far beyond rent collection and such menial tasks as routine repairs and tax reports. Unforeseen events are bound to occur, and when they do, if not properly dealt with they can result in extra expenses, reduced profits and the loss of tenants.

French nationality law

French citizenship has historically been based on the principle of jus soli (“right of soil”), in contrast to the German definition of nationality through jus sanguinis (“right of blood”).

Where Russians want to live, work and retire: popular countries in 2021

For Russians, Canada and the US are the top destinations to immigrate to in 2021. At the same time, Russian citizens would prefer to own real estate in Turkey or Spain and to retire in Germany

How to get a building subsidy in Germany

The German government is interested in sustainable development and provides an opportunity to obtain a subsidy for constructing an energy-efficient building. When buying a flat in an energy-efficient house, you can also take out a mortgage on favourable terms and compensate for part of the loan principal.

Dual citizenship in France

In this article, we will discuss whether it is legal to have dual citizenship in France, and what the difference between dual and second citizenship is.

Investor spotlight: Managing risks when investing in German serviced apartments

By the time Pavel B. approached Tranio with an interest in investing in rental properties abroad, he was already an experienced commercial real estate investor. With a German supermarket and Greek flats under his belt, he was keen to expand his portfolio.

Getting citizenship of Montenegro by investment

In 2019, the government of Montenegro launched a citizenship by investment programme in order to increase the economic activity of foreign investors. The programme was intended to last 3 years and already closes this year. Foreigners have time to apply until December 31 but we advise you to do it as soon as you can.

6 reasons why Berlin attracts investors in real estate

According to PwC, Berlin has become Europes best city for real estate investments in 2021. The German capital even edged out London and Paris in the ranking. Thanks to its strong economy and relatively successful measures against the coronavirus pandemic, Germany is one of the most secure places to invest. In this article, we explain why real estate in Berlin is in high demand with investors.

How Brokers From the Backwoods of Russia Sold Apartments in Miami during the Pandemic

Closed borders and lockdowns have made it nearly impossible to buy and sell international real estate as before the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, the sales team of real estate brokerage Tranio found a way to fulfil their plan and carry out cross-border real estate transactions remotely.

Profits tax in Germany

In this article, we’ll describe the types of profits tax in Germany and what are the profits tax rates for individuals and legal entities.

How the pandemic has affected the Greek real estate market

Although the pandemic has curtailed real estate transactions in Greece, buyer interest in the country has not diminished.

Tranio Germany has invested in a hotel renovation project in central Munich

Tranio Germany provided a €3.7 million subordinated loan to a German development company for the renovation of a hotel in Munich.