House or apartment: what is better?

House or apartment: what is better?

A residential issue has always been considered central to the life of any person. When choosing the improvement of living conditions, a dilemma arises for many residents of the city: what is better to buy a flat or a house? And if twenty years ago it was considered not prestigious to live in a private house, especially in a country house, today having your own mansion within the city boundaries, or behind it, provided with all the necessary communications that provide comfortable living, is considered a sign of high status and affluence.

Which is better: own house or flat ?, the question is not easy, because in both of these options. Housing has its advantages and disadvantages, which are worth considering in more detail.

Advantages of the apartment:

  • developed infrastructure: the presence of shops, schools, kindergartens;
  • transport accessibility: you can easily reach the desired part of the city
  • the presence of a furnished yard, playground;
  • maintenance of the territory and home utilities;
  • availability of communication networks;
  • heating system;
  • savings on utility bills (compared to home)
  • does not require capital expenditures for repairs and construction;
  • renting an apartment will not be a problem;
  • selling an apartment is also easy.

Disadvantages of the apartment:

  • neighbors: it can be very difficult to live peacefully with neighbors, because these or other actions are not always suitable for us and they. In addition, your neighbors can be people with alcohol dependence, mental disorders, or lovers of loud music or repair work;
  • noise from the street;
  • area and low ceiling;
  • lack of parking spaces;
  • gas contamination;
  • lack of own yard;
  • problems keeping pets.

The reasons why people choose an apartment or a private house for living can be different: fatigue from city hustle and bustle, a desire to provide more space for the development of children, or a desire to lead a more active social life. Some want to have and cultivate their own land area, while others do not like to work on the land, and they consider housing as a resting place after a hard day, not wanting to spend a lot of time on household chores and cares, which are much more in a private house than in an apartment.

Home Advantages:

  • the ability to carry out repair work at any time;
  • large living area: in comparison with an apartment, a private house almost always wins in this regard, often has two or three floors, as well as various outbuildings;
  • the possibility of housekeeping;
  • plenty of space for pets;
  • more spacious living space, where you can allocate your own corner to each member of the family,
  • arrange a library and a home theater, a bathhouse with a pool or a billiard room, and even equip a winter garden;
  • the presence of a plot of land on which you can grow flowers, vegetables and fruits, as well as establish a playground, a gazebo or a terrace with barbecue, where you can gather as a family and receive guests;
  • space, the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, which is important if your family has small children;
  • own garage, which allows you to keep the car near the house;
  • Changing the half-apartment of housing: real opportunities for expanding housing by adding a veranda to the house and even a living room or a superstructure of another floor;
  • isolation from neighbors and other strangers in your territory: in a private house you will not be awakened by their loud quarrel or the sound of a drill turned on in the morning;
  • the best ecology most often, houses and cottages are built outside the city or on its outskirts, in the green zone, away from industrial enterprises; Many customers will like the opportunity to live in a good ecological environment, breathe fresh air daily and relax in their own outdoor area.
  • comfort and tranquility: away from the noise of city streets you can enjoy the silence, and the territory in front of the house can be decorated to your liking, providing it with decorative elements, green spaces and flower beds

Disadvantages of the house:

  • high operating costs to maintain the operability of engineering support systems and their repair, because in the event of an accident you have to rely only on your own strengths and resources;
  • maintaining order in the house and on the land will require much more effort and time than in the apartment; the need to provide a higher level of security, for which it will be necessary to strengthen doors and windows, arrange an alarm system, start a dog, and when the building is located in a cottage town, pay for the services of a security company;
  • lack of utilities: you will have to do all the cleaning work on your own, and you will have to pay for repairs to the building facade and other malfunctions from your own pocket;
  • summing up communications independently;
  • usually lack of infrastructure;
  • you need to constantly monitor the site and the condition of the house;
  • possible interruptions in electricity;
  • the need to enclose the territory: a strong fence is a mandatory attribute for private houses and territories, otherwise they will not be fully private.

Of course, the lack of land and limited redevelopment opportunities in the houses of the old buildings are quite noticeable shortcomings. Nevertheless, it is up to you to decide which is better: an apartment or a private house, evaluating all the pros and cons, as well as your own preferences and financial opportunities. But if your choice is made in favor of your own home, contact the specialists of our company Square meters. We will select a suitable project and ensure the safety and reliability of the transaction for its construction.