Buying an apartment in a new building — how to buy an apartment from a developer: instructions + advice

Buying an apartment in a new building - how to buy an apartment from a developer: instructions + advice

Hello dear readers of! Many people dream of buying an apartment in a new building where no one has lived before you. However, not everyone knows what nuances can be when buying an apartment in new buildings and what you need to know before buying an apartment from a developer in a building under construction or already rented out. That is why we decided to devote today’s publication to this topic.

After reading the presented article from start to finish, you will also learn:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying an apartment in a new building;
  • Is it worth buying an apartment with finishing from the developer or is it better to make repairs yourself;
  • How to buy an apartment in a new building correctly (what steps will have to be taken for this);
  • Is it much cheaper to buy apartments in buildings under construction and how risky it is?

Also in the article you will find professional advice for those who want to buy an apartment in a new building, and answers to questions that most often arise in this case.

The presented publication will be useful not only for those who are already going to buy housing in a new house. We advise anyone who wants to improve their financial literacy to study it.

Read about how to properly buy an apartment in a new building from a developer, what you need to pay attention to when buying an apartment in a building under construction, whether it is profitable to buy a new apartment with decoration — read our release

1. Buying an apartment in a new building — the main pros and cons

Many people dream of buying an apartment in a new building. However, before deciding on such an acquisition, it is worthwhile to carefully study what are benefits и shortcomings home purchases in new buildings.

➕ Pros of buying a new apartment

Experts assure that the value of apartments in new buildings is twice that of secondary housing. This is due to the large number of their advantages.

Among the main advantages (+) are the following:

  1. Apartment security in new buildings meets modern requirements. To provide it, a number of systems can be installed at once — fire, alarm, video surveillance.
  2. Cost per square meter of an apartment in a new building is often lower ↓ than in the secondary housing market.
  3. Legal transparency of the transaction. An apartment in a new building almost certainly has no dark past. The risk of fraud and fraud in transactions with such housing is much lower.
  4. Individual planning and design. To decorate a new apartment according to your own taste, you do not have to get rid of old furniture and wallpaper, as well as carry out other alterations. Moreover, some developers even offer to place the walls in a new apartment in accordance with the needs of the buyer.
  5. Comfortableness. Modern materials are used in the construction of houses today. The layout also meets the needs of a modern person. A feature of new buildings is also new communications, equipped staircase, modern elevator, ramps for prams and disabled people. Often also provided autonomous heating of houses.
  6. Economical. In most new buildings, payment for heating is carried out by meters. Together with the high quality of hydro- and thermal insulation, as well as high-quality double-glazed windows, this allows you to save a lot.
  7. The quality of the territory improvement. For most new buildings today, already at the design stage, parking, warm parking, playgrounds, comfortable sidewalks, comfortable yards.
  8. A variety of layouts. Buying an apartment in a new building, you can choose its design in accordance with your needs. Today, apartments differ not only in the number of rooms, but also in the presence of storage rooms and dressing rooms. Moreover, you can choose options with several balconies, combining the kitchen with the living room.

It is thanks to these advantages that apartments in new buildings are invariably very popular.

➖ Cons of buying an apartment in a new building

Despite the large number of obvious advantages, there are a number of disadvantages of buying an apartment in a new building.

The disadvantages (-) of buying a home in a new building include:

  1. Registration of ownership can take a lot of time and effort.
  2. Repairs. This disadvantage has 2 important sides. First, the the new apartment will have to be renovated. Despite the absence of old furniture and wallpaper, this inevitably entails certain inconveniences and additional costs. Second, the the settlement of new buildings is usually carried out gradually, therefore, at first, repairs can be carried out at neighbors. It also creates a lot of inconvenience.
  3. Outback. New buildings are often located in new areas. This can lead to problems with transport as well as infrastructural accessibility.
  4. Possible interruptions in heating, water supply and alarms. They can arise at the beginning of the operation of a new building due to the need to debug engineering systems.
  5. Financial risk. When purchasing an apartment in a new building, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the developer. Its financial instability can lead to a loss of investment.
  6. Commissioning. If the construction of the house is not completed, before moving into a new apartment, you will have to wait until the house is put into operation. Often these terms are shifted, causing tangible inconveniences.

If a decision is made to buy an apartment in a new building, the choice of a house is of great importance. Since no one has lived in it before, it will not be possible to find reliable reviews.

For the choice to be successful, you will have to focus on a large number of parameters:

  1. Ecology and noise. When choosing a house, you should inquire about the proximity of factories and busy highways;
  2. Location. It is important to determine for yourself how convenient it will be to get to work, to friends and relatives. If there is no car, you should find out what public transport is available in the area in question, how often it runs, how far from the new building is the stop;
  3. Infrastructure. The availability of all the necessary organizations is of great importance — kindergartens, schools, pharmacies, clinics, shops;
  4. Improvement of the yard.It is important to assess the availability and quality of sidewalks and parking spaces near the new building. If there are children or their appearance is planned, you should pay attention to playgrounds and ramps for strollers;
  5. Exterior of the house also makes a huge difference. You should not buy apartments in new buildings if there are cracks on the outside or inside. This fact may indicate the use of low-quality materials during construction or a violation of technology;
  6. Communications. Before buying an apartment, it is worth checking the quality of pipes and electrical wiring, water pressure and other communications in the proposed options;
  7. Floor. Experts do not recommend buying an apartment on the first and last floors due to the close proximity of the basement or roof. It is also important to remember that elevators are sometimes disabled. If this happens, you have to walk home. Therefore, the apartment should be on a floor where you can easily climb (especially if you plan to live with the elderly and children);
  8. Building type. Modern new buildings are diverse. Depending on the type of materials used, they have their own benefits и shortcomings. Monolithic houses They are characterized by increased ↑ strength, but often require additional heat and sound insulation. Panel new buildings attract with smooth walls and relatively low cost, but often they have a very low level of sound insulation ↓. Brick-monolithic houses warm, with increased ↑ sound insulation, but apartments in them are more expensive, moreover, with insufficient heating, an increased ↑ humidity may be observed;
  9. Apartment type. It should be borne in mind that it can be quite cold in corner and end apartments. They should be chosen only when insulation is supplied to the outer wall. Ideally, windows should face east or west. In this case, there will be a lot of natural light without direct sunlight;
  10. Condition of the apartment. It is important to make sure that the property you are purchasing is free of mold and mildew. It is also worth checking the quality of the windows and doors.

👉 Thus, when purchasing an apartment in a new building, you should take into account all the advantages, disadvantages and other features of the purchased housing. It is important that it is of high quality and suits you in all respects.

What to look for when buying an apartment in a new building from a developer

2. What you need to know before buying an apartment in a new building from a developer — 6 important points that you should pay attention to

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When purchasing an apartment in a new building, it is important to consider several points. This will help avoid a lot of problems. Below is detailed, what to look for first of all when buying an apartment in a new building from a developer.

[1] What type of contract the developer concludes with the client

A clear advantage is the design equity agreement between the developer and the buyer. It is important that such an agreement is registered with Regpalat.

According to federal law 214-FZ, it is the equity participation agreements that have priority over other agreements. In accordance with the legislation, in the event of the developer’s bankruptcy, upon the conclusion of the said agreement, the client’s claims are considered secured by the pledge.

The equity participation agreement helps to protect against a double sale of the apartment. Moreover, the conclusion of such agreements automatically means that the developer has a building permit, land documents and other documents are also in order.

Often, developers at the initial stage of selling apartments in new buildings conclude preliminary agreements. Upon completion of the registration of the permitting documentation, such agreements are reissued into equity participation agreements.

Only the buyers of apartments can make the final decision whether to agree to the execution of the transaction according to schemes other than signing an equity participation agreement.

  • On the one hand, other types of agreements are associated with great risk. However, we must admit that there are many people who have acquired new housing in this way.
  • On the other hand, and equity agreements cannot give one hundred percent guarantee. Many defrauded Russian equity holders entered into just such an agreement.

Thus, the equity agreement is undoubtedly a significant advantage. But it cannot be the only criterion for assessing the reliability of the developer.

[2] Reputation of the developer

Before paying for an apartment in an unfinished building, you should find out what the reputation of the company that is building it is.

To this end, it is worth finding out:

  • how many houses have already been commissioned;
  • whether there were any problems with construction or commissioning before, and if so, what kind;
  • who is the founder of the developer (some new construction companies register a new legal entity to hide past problems);
  • who is behind the developer — it is good if it is a serious company with a clean reputation, if a politician — it is worth finding out if he will be removed from office in the near future.

[3] The degree of readiness of the new building

This indicator is of great importance. Even if the developer’s documents are in order and the reputation is perfect, there is a risk that the house will not be commissioned for a long time.

In addition to external readiness, it is worth evaluating and the level of supplying communications. Even if the developer’s representative claims that the house already has electricity and water supply, it is worth asking to demonstrate this fact in order to verify it personally.

If you are refused for any reason, it makes sense to visit the construction site unaccompanied and talk to the builders. They are usually not instructed on how to communicate with clients. Therefore, builders can often find out reliable information about the installation of communications.

Experts advise also register on forumdedicated to the construction of a particular house. There they usually discuss issues of summarizing communications. In addition, from communication with equity holders, you can learn about other problems of construction.

Even in cases where a new building appears to be completely ready at first glance, the lack of electricity and water supply increases the risk. Some new buildings have been waiting for communications for years.

[4] Is the house under construction in question accredited by the bank

Before embarking on shared construction, it is worth asking if the selected house is accredited with banks. It is also important to make sure that the accreditation is up to date and up to date.

It is worth finding out how many large well-known credit organizations trust the developer:

  • The house is not accredited by any bank, this may indicate that the developer has problems.
  • The new building has been approved by a large bank, having solid financial resources. It is easier for such a credit organization to issue a loan to a developer with a lack of funds than to freeze construction.
  • Ideally, the house should be accredited by several credit institutions., and not just a bank that serves the developer. Do not forget that if a construction company goes bankrupt, banks run the risk of not returning the funds issued to it. Therefore, they will do everything to prevent this.

Carrying out accreditation, banks with a good reputation are obligatory to check all permits for construction. But it is not worth considering the presence of such approval as a XNUMX% guarantee. There are known cases when even accredited houses remained unfinished.

The fact is that some banks, in order to save the funds previously invested in the developer, are forced to issue approvals for their houses. That is why this parameter also cannot be considered separately from all other characteristics.

[5] Investment attractiveness

Not everyone understands what kind of connection exists between investment attractiveness and the degree of risk of buying in a new building. In fact, participation in shared construction can be compared to a financial pyramid. Its construction largely depends on whether there are buyers for apartments in the house in question.

If there are few willing to buy housing ↓, the risk of unfinished or long-term construction will significantly increase ↑. However, investment-attractive homes usually have no problem with buyers.

To assess this indicator, you should pay attention to the following parameters of a new building:

  • location of the new building;
  • availability and number of parking spaces;
  • transport accessibility;
  • proximity to schools, kindergartens, clinics, shopping centers, parks;
  • assessment of the microdistrict as a whole for the proximity of the railway, major highways, factories.

Also, experts recommend compare the selected new building with other houses of the microdistrict. When the house as a whole is assessed, you can proceed to the analysis of the apartment itself.

When assessing the investment attractiveness of the apartment itself, you should pay attention to the following indicators:

  • ceiling height — the higher this indicator ↑, the more comfortable it is in the apartment;
  • wall thickness — thin ones can freeze through and have poor sound insulation;
  • location of elevator shafts — if they are adjacent to the walls of the rooms, the elevator can be heard in the apartment;
  • arrangement of windows — natural lighting depends on this factor, as well as the view from the apartment;
  • thickness of interior partitions affects the sound insulation inside the apartment;
  • этаж — the first and the last are not popular (it is not easy to sell an apartment located on them). The higher the dwelling, the cleaner the air and quieter, but it should be borne in mind that if the elevator breaks down, you will have to go home on foot.

You should also consider type of building. Panel houses are being built quickly enough, therefore, it is quite rare with them that there are delays in delivery dates. In contrast to them, at monolithic construction problems may arise due to the peculiarities of the construction.

PS On our site there is a separate article about real estate investments, where we talk about all the nuances of investing in real estate.

👉 If you want to buy an apartment in a new building, you will have to take into account a large number of factors. It makes no sense to consider them separately. A reliable analysis result can be obtained only when considering all factors in the aggregate.

More information on how to prepare for buying an apartment is in our special material.

Step-by-step guide on how to buy an apartment in a new building correctly (4 easy steps)

3. How to buy an apartment in a new building correctly — step-by-step instructions for buying a home from the developer

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Before becoming the owner of a home located in a new building, you will have to choose areain which it will be located. You also need to decide on the various characteristics of the apartment.

Most often, housing in new buildings is purchased at the construction stage, that is, before the house is put into operation. When making such a purchase, it is important to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that the actual dates of settlement may be shifted.

  • First, the there is always a chance that the developer will not have time to put the new building into operation by the named date.
  • Second, the if the apartment is purchased without interior decoration, you will have to spend time repairing it.

In order for the choice to be correct, and to have as few problems as possible, you should use the following Instructions.

Step 1. Examining at home and checking documents

The cheapest way to buy an apartment in a new building is at the excavation stage. The cost of housing in this case will be approximately ¼ below ↓than after the end of construction.

At the same stage, there is an opportunity to discuss with the developer layout и size of the future apartment. However, this option is the most risky, because there is no guarantee that the house will be leased:

  • The developer simply may not receive a building permit.
  • The company may not have enough funds to build a house.

Also, problems with documents can arise even when several floors are built. The result can be freeze construction. This process can be not only temporary, but also permanent.

To minimize the risk, you need to familiarize yourself with new construction projectand also check reputation developer company. Unfortunately, this does not completely exclude the possibility of problems. However, the likelihood of a positive outcome with careful analysis will be higher⇑.

The options for checking the developer company may be different:

  1. Carry out a check using the Internet. You need to find information about the developer in social networksOn forums and other sites. It always contains a lot of information if buyers of apartments have suffered earlier in the process of building houses;
  2. Contacting the bank with an application for a mortgage for an apartment in a new building. This is another fairly effective way to check the developer. Before agreeing to a loan, banks always conduct a thorough check of the developer. Loans are issued for the purchase of apartments only if the documents of the construction company (including a new building) are in perfect order.
  3. Use the services of a professional lawyer. He will analyze information about the house, design, financial and other documentation, permission for construction, the legality of registration of ownership of the land. It is practically impossible to independently verify these documents without having a legal education.

Step 2. Execution of the contract

If you are confident that the documents are in order, the borrower’s reputation has no problems, the chosen apartment meets all your needs, you can proceed to the execution of the contract.

Experts recommend people without a legal education should turn to professionals to accompany the transaction.

There are 3 main options for buying an apartment in a new building, depending on the type of documents being drawn up:

  1. Acquisition under an equity participation agreement. It is concluded directly with the developer. Experts do not recommend agreeing to make a deal preliminary agreement. Such an agreement is inconsistent with applicable law. The preliminary contract is not registered in Regpalat, so it turns out to be more risky.
  2. Under the contract of assignment of rights. Such an agreement is concluded when purchasing an apartment from co-investor or ownerwho resells it. Such agreements are regulated by several legislative acts at once. Therefore, they often lead to disputes. By an agreement on the assignment of rights, the parties can fix a transaction that provides for the possibility of acquiring a finished apartment in the future or equity participation directly in the construction process. In the latter case, state registration is required. At the same time, the buyer remains: copy of the assignment agreement, confirmation of the transfer of money, written consent of the developerand act of transfer of documents.
  3. Purchase under an agreement concluded with a housing construction cooperative. Housing cooperative is formed through an agreement of the future owners of apartments. In this case, the purchase of housing is made through payment share. This procedure is not registered with government agencies. Therefore, despite its legitimacy, it is quite risky.

Money should be transferred only after the contract has been concluded. In the first two cases, you should also wait for state registration. In some cases, a prepayment is provided, the remaining amount is transferred later. This fact should also be reflected in the contract being concluded.

To make state registration of the concluded agreement, you must submit the following documents:

  • the contract itself;
  • design documentation for construction;
  • certificate of ownership of the land plot to be built;
  • passports of the parties to the agreement;
  • statements by the parties to the agreement;
  • cadastral plan;
  • plan of the facility under construction, containing the address, information about the number of storeys and the number of premises;
  • building permit.

In some cases, other documents are also required.

When signing an agreement, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  1. completion date of construction;
  2. the term for transferring the apartment into ownership, as well as the documents required for its registration;
  3. terms of termination of the contract;
  4. obligations of the parties, consequences for their violation.

It should also be remembered that a separate clause in the contract should be highlighted fixed cost per square meter purchased apartment.

Step 3. Receiving the apartment and keys from it

When purchasing an apartment in a building under construction, it is important to understand that from the moment of putting it into operation and until the transfer of apartments to the owners can take place up to 3 months. During this period, the construction company receives technical certificate for a new building, and also coordinates the layout with BTI.

Before signing acceptance certificate, the owner must carefully inspect the purchased apartment. If at the same time any shortcomings or deviations from the project are revealed, the developer should be required to eliminate them, or to pay compensation.

This requirement also applies to engineering networks. If at the time of acceptance of the apartment they are not connected or do not work, you should not sign the acceptance certificate until the problem is eliminated.

Some construction companies require buyers of apartments to sign an act, giving a verbal promise to eliminate the deficiencies.

In such a situation, you can act at your own discretion, but experts advise get from the developer written consent to eliminate deficiencies. However, if there is such a possibility, it is better not to sign the act until all problems are resolved.

When the acceptance certificate is signed, and the keys to the apartment are handed over to the owner, the calculation of utility bills. At the same time, the emergence of the obligation to pay for such services is legally recorded:

  • after the organization of the HOA;
  • after signing an agreement with the operating company.

In practice, this takes time, during which the costs are borne by the developer. Therefore, usually buyers are required to pay utility bills for several months in advance (usually no more than 4).

Experts do not recommend moving into the purchased apartment, as well as repairing it until it is received property registration certificate. Until that moment, the apartment will be inspected by the BTI employees and, if they find out that the apartment does not correspond to what it was in when the house was put into operation, they may demand that the premises be returned to their previous appearance.

Step 4. Registration of ownership, registration

To register an apartment in ownership, you will have to contact Companies House. This can be done both through an experienced lawyer and on your own. In the second case, the costs will be lower ↓, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

To register an apartment in ownership, you must provide acceptance certificate и commissioning decision.

When will it be received certificate of state registration, you can register in the apartment. To do this, you must contact FMS.

In this case, the following documents will be required:

  • application for registration in a new apartment;
  • passport;
  • an extract from the previous place of residence;
  • certificate of state registration of property.

👉 When all the steps are completed, the procedure for purchasing housing from the developer can be considered complete.

What to choose: buying an apartment directly from the developer or through an intermediary (real estate company)?

4. Buy a new apartment from a developer or through a real estate agency — which is better?

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To purchase an apartment in a new building, you can contact the developer or realtor. It all depends on your goals and preferences.

  • If the house has already been chosen, and the buyer is confident in his decision, you can go directly to the developer.
  • If in doubt I want to compare several options or the buyer is looking for where it is profitable to invest in construction, it is worth contacting the agency.

In any case, it should be remembered that each of the named options has both benefitsAnd shortcomings. Let’s consider them in more detail.

🏗 Purchase of an apartment directly from the developer

It is quite natural that in the developer’s office the buyer is offered only apartments in new buildings of a particular construction company. They cannot sell an apartment in another building here. They will not tell buyers about the shortcomings of their houses, but they will gladly share the negative sides of other developers.

Keep in mind that construction companies usually give discounts only for illiquid apartments that are not in demand. It is also impossible to purchase real estate here by assignment of rights.

☎ Acquisition of an apartment through an agency

Experts recommend in order not to fall for the tricks of developers, contact a real estate agency. Various new buildings from reliable construction companies will be provided here.

At the same time, there is much more choice here than directly from the developer. Moreover, the agency will honestly tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each new building. And if you need to sell an existing apartment or room, the agency will help you with this.

They also give advice on mortgages and provide support in its design. In most cases commission the developer pays for agency services, they are free for the buyer.

5. What is more profitable: to buy an apartment in a building under construction or in an already rented one?

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The cost of an apartment in the same building can vary significantly depending on the stage of its construction. Can be distinguished 4 main purchase options depending on the stage of construction. Let’s take a closer look at everything benefits и shortcomings each of them.

At what stage of building a house is it more profitable to buy an apartment — let’s figure out all the options and find out all the pros and cons

Option 1. Before the start of sales

Some developers offer to buy an apartment before the start of sales. In this case, the cost will be minimal. Thus, you can buy an apartment in a new building inexpensively.

In accordance with the construction law, developers have the right to start selling apartments only after they have been issued conclusion on the conformity of the Ministry of Construction.

In practice, some construction companies before this stage begin the conclusion with potential buyers. booking agreements. With such an agreement, the buyer confirms his intention to purchase an apartment, and the developer in return provides a minimum price for it. For such a service, the buyer pays 10-50 thousand rubles.

There are several advantages (+) of a booking agreement:

  • least cost, in some cases, you can buy real estate almost at its cost;
  • low risk of making a deal — if the conclusion of an equity participation agreement does not follow, the deposited funds will be returned to the buyer (it is important to ensure that this is spelled out in the agreement);
  • maximum choice — you can choose an apartment with your favorite layout and choose a comfortable floor.

Despite the serious advantages, the purchase of housing at the stage of booking has a number of disadvantages.

The cons (-) include the following:

  • there is no guarantee that the transaction will ultimately take place;
  • the amount paid under the booking agreement does not always go towards paying for the apartment, in some cases it is simple commission for the service (all this is prescribed in the contract).

Reservation agreements do not need to be registered with Rosreestr, so you need to study them as carefully as possible even before signing.

In some cases, dishonest construction companies enter into several such agreements for the same apartment. As a result, the buyer may be left not only without the housing they like, but also without the money deposited. In addition, valuable time will be lost.

You can protect yourself by making sure that the booking agreement contains refund clause.

Option 2. Stage of the pit

When the permits are prepared, the developer proceeds to the implementation of the zero stage of construction, which is otherwise called pit stage.

At this point, the preparation of the foundation begins. Statistics show that it is at this stage that almost 1/3 all future apartments.

Among the advantages of acquiring at the excavation stage are the following:

  1. understated cost — in comparison with the price of apartments in a house put into operation, the difference can be up to 2030% (depending on the region);
  2. a large selection of layouts, number of storeys and other parameters of the future apartment — the first buyers usually occupy the best properties;
  3. possibility of payment by installments (In most cases, payment can be made without interest).

However, there are a number of disadvantages of buying an apartment at the excavation stage:

  • waiting for settlement for several years;
  • risk of freezing construction (for example, in the absence of demand for apartments or when the costs of the construction company increase for various reasons);
  • the risk of changing the project of a new building or its number of storeys — the fewer floors are built, the higher the risk;
  • double expenses until the house is put into operation — for rental housing and installments or mortgage payments;
  • it is possible to postpone the completion of construction and delivery of a new building.

Option 3. The new building is half finished

For those who do not want to purchase real estate at the stage of the excavation, considering such a purchase too risky, there is an option — to invest in an apartment when the house is ready half. The likelihood of freezing construction at this stage is significantly reduced ↓, while the cost of apartments remains reduced ↓.

Among the advantages of purchasing apartments in new buildings, half finished, are the following:

  • shorter waiting time for an apartment compared to previous options;
  • the cost is lower than in the finished property market;
  • there is an opportunity to check the progress of construction and its compliance with the deadlines;
  • the probability of freezing the construction site is significantly lower (but still remains).

The disadvantages of buying an apartment in such houses are as follows:

  • the cost of the apartment is about 15% than when purchased at the excavation stage;
  • the most successful options are usually already sorted out;
  • the likelihood of an increase in the terms of commissioning a new building remains.

Experts do not recommend purchase apartments if the developer has unexpectedly significantly reduced the price. This often indicates a lack of finance to complete the current construction.

To minimize the risk of increasing the commissioning time of a new building, when choosing it, you can check whether it is accredited in banks. Large financial organizations, before approving a house under construction, check the documents both for the house being built and directly for the construction company itself.

Option 4. The house was put into operation

The least risky is to buy real estate in houses that have already been commissioned. However, in this case, the cost of the apartment will be maximum. Of course, you can use offer for a promotion, or ask the construction company to do discount. But in any case, the savings are unlikely to exceed 5%.

The advantages of buying this option are as follows:

  • the transaction is safe, as the new building is completely ready and put into operation;
  • settling can not be postponed for a long time;
  • at the time of purchase, the buyer can already see how the new building corresponds to the project, what is the quality of the house, as well as the adjacent territory and infrastructure.

Despite the large number of advantages, buying an apartment in a finished house also has some disadvantages:

  • the cost is higher than in a house under construction;
  • most likely within the next 12 For years, neighbors who are making repairs will be a concern.

Specialists of one of the largest banks in Russia conducted an analysis and found that, on average, 20162018 years, the construction period from the moment of its start to the end is 2 years. In most cases, in the first year, 50% of all apartments.

In this case, the volume of sales is determined reputation construction company, as well region of construction of the house. The largest developers 50% of apartments are already being bought в течение 9 месяцев.

In the second half of construction, more about 3035%. The rest of the property is sold after the new building has been put into operation. Such statistics are typical for the market of economy and comfort class apartments.

Buying an apartment in an unfinished house, it is important to understand that the settlement is not carried out immediately after the completion of the construction process. Commissioning, connection to engineering systems, registration of ownership may take up to 12 months.

In any case, you should compare the options described above and choose the one that suits you best. To make the analysis easier, their main features are presented in the table below.

Table: "Features of various options for buying a home, depending on the stage of construction"

Maximum choice of layouts and floors

No guarantee that the deal will take place

There may be a commission for the booking service

The ability to pay by installments

Waiting for settlement for several years

Construction freeze risk

The risk of changing the project of a new building or its number of storeys

Double expenses until the house is put into operation — for rental housing and installments or mortgage payments

Possible postponement of completion of construction and delivery of new buildings

The cost is lower than in the finished property market

It is possible to check the progress of construction and its compliance with the deadlines

The likelihood of freezing a construction site is significantly lower

The cost of the apartment is about 15% than when purchased at the excavation stage

The most successful options are usually already sorted out.

The likelihood of an increase in the delivery time of a new building in operation remains

You can move in almost immediately

There is an opportunity to check the new building and the adjoining territory

The cost is higher than during the construction stages

Coming in 12 years, there may be inconveniences due to repairs from neighbors

The above table will help you compare the options for buying an apartment in a new building and choose the most suitable one for you.

What is better to buy an apartment: with or without decoration?

6. Is it profitable to buy a finished apartment in a new building?

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According to statistics, the demand for apartments in new buildings with finished finishing. This is primarily due to the desire of buyers to optimize costs as much as possible. Self-repair of a purchased apartment is always very expensive. In addition to financial costs, it takes a lot of time and effort.

The sale of apartments with ready-made renovation has begun In the middle 2 000s. At that time, the market saw a decrease ↓ in demand for real estate.

In order to attract customers, construction companies have started selling finished apartments. Some of them went even further and started developing various design solutions, offering renovated apartments in a particular style.

When choosing a renovated property, experts recommend paying attention to finishing cost. The optimal price is called within 10 rubles per square meter. If repairs are more expensive, many buyers refuse this service.

Traditionally, there are 2 main stages of finishing apartments:

  1. Rough finish. In general, this concept means the complete absence of any decoration. Such repair implies the presence of only basic elements: Entrance door, windowsand heating system. In some cases, it also installs interior doors. The buyer of the apartment will have to level the walls on his own, glue the wallpaper, do electrical wiring and other necessary work. Only after their completion will the housing be ready to move in.
  2. Fine finishing. In this case, the repair is done by the developer, its cost is included in the price of the apartment. Finishing includes: painting walls, gluing wallpaper, laying linoleum or parquet. In the bathroom and toilet, tiles are laid or the walls are painted.

A fine finish from the developer is suitable for those buyers who do not have time to repair themselves or do not have the money for it.

It is also important to remember that in recent years, building materials have risen significantly. At the same time, the level of income in most cases has not changed. That is why buyers prefer to buy ready-to-use apartments.

(I.e. Experts have counted that when buying a two-room apartment with a fine finish, you can save about 200400 thousand rubles. Of course, this amount is approximate and can vary significantly.

On average, you have to pay for repairs about 510% of the original cost. But the total amount is usually less than ↓ than the cost of self-repair.

Another advantage apartments with fine finishing — opportunity to move in immediately. Also, such apartments are often purchased by those who invest in real estate for the purpose of their subsequent leasing.

7. Useful tips for those who want to buy an apartment from a developer in a new house

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To avoid possible problems when buying an apartment from a developer, experts recommend seeking help from professional lawyers. Of course, this entails additional costs. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to take advantage of the expert advice given below.

Tip 1. Check the developer thoroughly

Verification of the developer takes a lot of time. In this case, you should not rely only on information on the Internet. Even if there are no negative reviews about the developer on the network, this does not guarantee its reliability.

The construction company may be too young or just a shell company. The developer does not always fulfill all the requirements of the legislation during its activity.

Experts do not recommend cooperate with companies that offer to sign preliminary purchase agreement.

You should not do this even in cases where the developer’s documents are in order and there is indirect evidence of its reliability. The preliminary agreement does not comply with Russian law.

Tip 2. Take your time with the choice

You should not rush to choose a construction company and purchase an apartment. Not everyone understands, but the real estate market today, despite its instability, is not characterized by chaos.

Often on the wave of rumors about an imminent rise in prices, buyers rush to purchase real estate. In fact, the cost does not rise in sharp leaps. Moreover, the after an increase in ↑, periods of decrease ↓ in the cost of apartments often occur.

Therefore, you should not rush into the purchase. It is important to carefully analyze your financial capabilities, choose a construction company, an area and a suitable apartment.

Advice 3. It is not necessary to make alterations to the apartment until the property is registered

If you make a redevelopment before the state registration, BTI may require you to return the apartment to its original state. Moreover, in the process of real estate measurements by the employees of this organization, disagreements with the developer may arise.

The area of ​​the apartment may not correspond to that stated in the documentation:

  • If it is greater than ↑, the buyer may be required to pay a surcharge.
  • If the area is less than ↓, it will be possible to present the corresponding claims to the developer.

In any case, the apartment at this point in time should be in its original state.

👉 Accurately following the above tips will help you avoid a number of troubles.

8. FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

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Buying an apartment in a new building is a rather complicated process that often raises a large number of questions from buyers. To save your time, at the end of the publication we traditionally answer the most popular ones.

Question 1. Which floor is better to choose when buying an apartment in a new building?

Choosing an apartment, the buyer has to determine a huge number of its parameters. Many consider one of the most important этажon which it will be located. When choosing it, it is difficult to give any universal advice, since subjective components are of great importance.

When choosing the number of storeys of an apartment, it is necessary to consider:

  1. The lower floors are great for seniors and families with children:
  2. the upper floors are appreciated in new buildings located in picturesque areas of the city;
  3. the financial side of the issue also has not been canceled — usually the cost of apartments on the first floor is lower by about 15%;
  4. it is also important to study the infrastructure — on the lower floors it can be noisy if the house is located near highways, large playgrounds and sports grounds, large cafes and shops.

Before deciding on a choice, it is worth analyzing benefits и shortcomings apartments on different floors.

First of all, we will consider the fundamental points for different floors:

  • Apartments on the ground floor most often bought for reasons of economy. Also, many people buy them for rent, since in most cases the number of storeys does not affect the rent. In addition, the first floors are preferred by those with a small child, as well as pensioners and disabled people.
  • Apartments on floors above the 16thsuitable for those who have no fear of heights, as well as lovers of the view from the window. But in this case, it is worth clarifying how the communications are summed up. If from below, there may be problems with the water pressure. In modern new buildings, over residential buildings are technical floor. This is where all the necessary communications are located. If the house is built in accordance with these principles, there will be no problems with water pressure even at the very top.

For ease of comparison, the pros and cons of apartments located on different floors are presented in the table.

Table: "Advantages and disadvantages of apartments located on different floors"

No need to pay for the elevator

Water pressure is consistently high

Can be used for commercial purposes

Impossible to flood neighbors

In case of emergencies, you can quickly leave the house

Additional security measures are needed — bars, alarm

Higher level of noise from the street, as well as the penetration of odors

Often the lack of a balcony

Insufficient natural light

No need to use the elevator

Convenient for those with a stroller or bicycle

If there is a shop or cafe on the ground floor, cockroaches may appear

If there are offices on the ground floor, it can be quite noisy

If the elevator is disabled, it is not too difficult to get home.

In emergencies, you can leave the building quickly enough

With a sparsely built area, a high-quality view from the windows

Extraneous sounds, as well as dirt, are practically not heard from the street

High quality natural light

If the apartment is located on the sunny side of the house, it may be too hot

At a height of about the tenth floor, emissions from factories and boiler houses are usually collected, if they are close, there can be an unpleasant smell

If the elevator is turned off, it will be difficult to get home.

Possibility to purchase a penthouse

Elite new buildings can be equipped with a seating area on the roof

In case of sparse development — a good overview of the area

With a beautiful view from the window, apartments on the upper floors can be more expensive

The dwelling on the top floor can be heated if the roof is of poor quality

If there is an elevator mechanism nearby, extraneous sounds can penetrate into the apartment

It will be difficult to leave the house in emergencies.

Question 2. How to buy an apartment on a mortgage from a developer?

An analysis of statistical data on the real estate market allows us to see that today there is a tendency towards an increase in demand for mortgages in order to purchase apartments in new buildings. First of all, this is due to the availability of preferential mortgages with state support. Thanks to her, mortgage rates in the primary housing market are lower ↓ than in the secondary one.

The high level of construction intensity leads to a significant increase in the supply of apartments. As a result, a large number of developers and credit institutions operate on the market. This diversity often leads to difficult choices. Therefore, below we will consider in detail step-by-step process of acquiring housing on a mortgage in new buildings.

Detailed instructions for buying an apartment on a mortgage from the developer

Step 1. New building selection

The choice of a new building is the first fundamental step. The list of lenders willing to provide a mortgage is largely determined by the home you choose.

It turns out that, first of all, you should choose an apartment that meets your requirements, including relatively cost, location, terms of commissioning. When the house is selected, the developer will provide the buyer with a list of credit institutions in which he is accredited.

Step 2. Reservation of real estate

When a house under construction is selected, you should book an apartment in it. This is done so that during the preparation of the application for a mortgage loan, its consideration by the lender, the preparation of documents for the transaction, the buyer is sure that the chosen housing is assigned to him and cannot be purchased by someone else.

Reservations can be made according to several schemes (the option is determined depending on the selected developer):

  1. Oral booking used by construction companies quite rarely. Most often, its term does not exceed 14 days. At this time, the buyer has time to apply for a mortgage to a credit institution and wait for its consideration.
  2. Oral booking with the signing of an agency agreement. In this case, the same actions are performed first as in the previous scheme. Having chosen a specific apartment, the buyer verbally books it with the developer. When a positive decision on the mortgage application is received, it is concluded agency contract. It implies not only the choice of an apartment (which, in fact, has already been chosen), but also support of the transaction at all its stages.
  3. Signing an agency agreement on a paid basis. Buyer and construction company sign agreement about booking a specific apartment. For this, the developer receives a fee in the form of a commission. The result of the contract is that the selected property is assigned to the future buyer and is not sold to other citizens.

When booking a booking scheme with the signing of an agency agreement, it is important to immediately discuss the terms of the refund. If you do not do this, there is a risk that the booking fee will not be refunded if the mortgage application is canceled.

Step 3. Mortgage application

After receiving a list of banks that have accredited the selected new building, the buyer applies for a mortgage. If received positive decision, you must immediately inform the construction company about this and start preparing the transaction for the purchase of an apartment.

We have already talked about where it is more profitable to take a mortgage in the previous article.

Step 4. Registration of an insurance policy

As a rule, the borrower is given the opportunity to independently choose an insurance company.

In this case, important to remember, that in accordance with the legislation governing the registration of mortgages, insurance of the property serving as collateral is compulsory.

In contrast, the purchase of a life and health insurance policy for a client receiving a loan is voluntary.

Step 5. The transaction for the purchase of an apartment, registration of a mortgage agreement

The date of the transaction for the purchase of an apartment is set by agreement of all its participants.

This procedure includes the signing of the following documents:

  • mortgage agreements;
  • equity participation agreements;
  • voluntary insurance agreements (if necessary).

Step 6. State registration

The equity participation agreement, as well as the mortgage agreement, must be registered with Regpalat. At the same time, the right to the apartment under construction is officially formalized, and also superimposed on it encumbrance.

It is from the moment of state registration that monthly mortgage payments begin.

Step 7. Putting a new building into operation

When all construction work is completed, and the house is brought to a condition suitable for living, the construction company applies to State Construction Supervision Department.

This body appoints an inspection of the new building. During this procedure, a special commission examines all the documentation. At the same time, the compliance of construction works with documents is checked.

If no violations are found during the said procedure, the construction company receives permission to commission a new building. Only after that are acts of acceptance and transfer of housing to the owners.

Step 8. Appraisal of the apartment

The specialist of the appraisal company inspects the apartment and draws up a report on its value. This document is provided to the credit organization, as well as the insurer.

Step 9. Mortgage registration

After registering the ownership of the apartment in the bank where the mortgage is issued, it is compulsory to draw up mortgage — a document that confirms the fact of encumbrance of real estate.

Important to remember, that the mortgage must be registered with Companies House.

Step 10. Obtaining a certificate of ownership of an apartment

To register ownership of the Regpalat, you must provide the following documents:

  • equity participation agreement;
  • acceptance certificate;
  • mortgage;
  • appraisal company report;
  • a receipt for payment of the state fee.

A specialist, taking a package of documents, without fail issues receipt on their receipt and indicates the date when the corresponding certificate will be ready. It is legally determined that the registration period is 5 working days.

Step 11. Making an insurance policy for an apartment

When obtaining a mortgage, insurance of an apartment that is the subject of a pledge is mandatory. In this case, the policy is issued only after all the steps above have been completed.

In fact, the process of obtaining a mortgage for buying an apartment in a new building is quite time consuming. Experts recommend that those who do not have the time or desire for this, seek help from professionals — mortgage brokers. And for those who want to know how to take out a mortgage for an apartment on their own, read our last issue.

Read also an article on the topic — "How to get a mortgage without a down payment."

Question 3. What is a preschool education institution when buying an apartment in a new building?

Share agreement (DDU ) is a way of buying an apartment in a new building, which is being built using the funds of buyers.

According to paragraph 1 Articles 4 federal law 214-FZ in accordance with DDU:

  • developer within the agreed time, on its own, or involving other persons, carries out the construction of an apartment building or other real estate object. Upon completion of construction, the company draws up permits for putting them into operation.
  • In this case, the other party to the contract — shared construction participant — undertakes the obligation to pay the cost of the purchased property and accept it at the end of the construction in the presence of permits and the absence of deficiencies.

The purchase of an apartment under an equity participation agreement has a number of features:

  1. Obligatory state registration of the agreement. Only when the contract is recorded in Rosereestr, it is recognized as valid.
  2. The ownership of the apartment is not formalized immediately. This procedure is carried out only when the house is put into operation, and the acceptance certificate is drawn up and signed.

When registering a preschool education institution, it should be borne in mind that the property will not be transferred immediately. At the same time, there is a possibility that the terms of putting the house into operation will be disrupted. There is also a risk of a complete halt in construction. This leads to the need to carefully choose a developer.

Question 4. How is the purchase of an apartment on the transfer of rights in a building under construction going?

The success of an apartment purchase transaction in the event of a transfer of rights is largely determined by adherence to a certain algorithm. To avoid problems, you have to take into account a number of nuances. The main steps of the procedure are briefly described below.

Step 1. Developer check

Before agreeing to buy an apartment on the assignment of rights, you should carefully check the construction company.

In this case, you should pay attention to its following characteristics:

  • term of activity;
  • reliability of constituent documentation;
  • availability of permits for construction;
  • whether the land plot has a title or a long-term lease.

Step 2. Application documents

To conclude a deal, you will need to prepare a package of documents.

In this case, the seller of the apartment will be required to:

  • contract concluded with the developer (most often preliminary or DDU);
  • the consent of the construction company to carry out the transaction (if the cost of the apartment was paid in full, it is only necessary to notify the developer; if the buyer paid for the property in part, it will be required written approval);
  • in the event of an official marriage, the consent of the spouse;
  • documents confirming the payment of amounts for the purchased real estate.

The buyer for the transaction provides passport, as well as in the case of a registered marriage — spouse consent.

Step 3. Execution of contracts

When all the necessary documents have been submitted and verified, registration is carried out assignment agreement.

Keep in mind that its form should be consistent with the form of the original agreement. If such an agreement has been certified by a notary, the assignment agreement will also have to be certified.

An essential condition of the contract under consideration is its subject. They are the transfer of the right to claim an apartment. It is important that the agreement contains detailed information about what rights and to what extent will be transferred.

Moreover, it should be prescribed, on the basis of which such a transfer of rights is carried out. The rest of the terms of the agreement are considered secondary and are introduced by agreement of the parties to the transaction.

Step 4. Registration of the contract

The contract for the assignment of rights must be registered in Rosreestre. To do this, you need to contact Regpalat or branch of the multifunctional center (MFC).

Funds are transferred only after the registration procedure is completed. Transfer is assigned from 5 to 10 days from the date of application.

Step 5. Payment of state fees

The amount of the state fee is determined by the status of the parties to the transaction:

  • if they are individuals, you will have to pay 2 000 rubles.
  • if legal entities — 22 000 rubles.

At the same time, if several applicants apply to the Regalat, the amount of the state fee is divided equally between them. Without fail, each participant in the transaction is issued receipt about the payment of the duty.

9. Conclusion + related video

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Buying an apartment in a new building has a number of advantages. However, this procedure also has disadvantages. Before purchasing a property from a developer, it is important to consider all of them.

Even before the start of the transaction, it is necessary to carefully study all its stages and nuances. This will help avoid potential problems.

In conclusion, we recommend watching a video on how to correctly purchase an apartment in a new building and on the secondary market:

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We wish every reader of "" to purchase their own apartment in a new building. Let the deal on its purchase be successful without any difficulties!

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