Australian Real Estate — Buying, Selling and Information

Australian Real Estate - Buying, Selling and Information

Advice and Services for the Expatriate Buyer of Australian Real Estate

Exfin provides access to a number of services associated with the purchase of real property in Australia, a including general information about the buying, selling and renting of property. Information and resources include the following.

Residential Property Pricing Information

Access to residential property data and charts from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and RBA regarding Australian house prices since 2013 in relation to all major capital cities, and to other market commentary.

Australian Mortgages

Access to almost all Australian mortgage products for the purchase of Australian real estate purchases, provided by mortgage brokers who are experienced in dealing with offshore purchasers; both Australian and other nationalities.

Tax and Financial Planning

If you are concerned about the potential tax implications of the purchase, rent or sale of Australian property, or want to ensure that your purchase is tax effective, we provide direct access to experienced tax and financial planning advice.

Buyer’s Agents

Access to professional buyer’s agents throughout Australia — agents who can assist in both the selection and/or purchase real estate for clients.

Legal Advice and Assistance

Whether your concerns are purely about arranging the legal transfer of property (conveyancing), arranging FIRB approval or have questions about the best ownership structure, we provide online access to professional legal services across Australia.

Information on Buying, Selling and Renting Real Estate

We provide a wide range of information focused on providing expatriate Australians, and other interested parties, with detailed background information on the cost of buying, selling and renting out residential real estate in Australia. A partner firm is also able to provide a property management service in almost all Australian capital cities at very competitive rates.

If you would like to arrange assistance in terms of the purchase of Australian property please complete the Inquiry form below and we will respond promptly.