The bolzplatz remains empty

For the retention of the online forum at the taz

You can keep from the taz, what you want, but one has to leave it: the internet term very fast. She was the first german daily at all with complete internet edition (1994), and also pursued a strategy of openness with the existing online reader forum for years

That was certainly not quite uninvigant, because you can also suppose the motive to strong the reader binding to the leaf. Without the solidarity of his readers, which is regularly strained by donation and abocomacagers, the sheet could not survive. But now the online forum has been closed. Why?

Because the state-made taz department "documentation" despite several attempts for a commentary, the cause research remains on a short document that the newspaper himself releases relatively hidden place on the internet. In the short, dateless explanation ("the forum is closed until further notice.") it is called:

We do not have the personnel and financial possibilities to consistent and thus very complicated forum moderation. Not only the technical support, but also editorial care were taken by employees of the taz-edp, most recently supported by a group of volunteers of privately moderators. In this situation, however, there were always conflicts between forum administrators / moderators and some (ex) forum members. Because even with a possible exact definition of what, as insulting / defaming / racist / sexist, etc. Must still be considered "gray zone" left over. Over the past few weeks and months have increased unjustified claims, notifying claims and improper premieges of some (ex) forum members to the address of the forum administrators in a mabe, which is not only perceived by the directly affected employees of the taz as unreasonable.

In summary, that means: the edp workforce and some friends of taz tried to do the readers and the leaf in certainly typical self-exploitation, but ultimately failed to deal with the forum with the forum.

If you know the forum yourself, that can not really surprise that. How many other comparable offers on the internet had the taz forum from the beginning with a very rough conversation climate to fight. The importation of a relatively restrictive moderation and user registration could not otherwise — the difference between a polemic debate and verbal vandalism remained hidden from a whole series of trolls, flamers and provocateurs until the end. The additional setup of a s high "bolzplatz", which was determined by the outset for steam drain, remained a well-meant, but naive experiment, which is already in structurally comparable form at indymedia.It failed (cf.Controversial role of the censorship)

What you do not want to censate offensive on the center court, can not be seen on the ubest scresses.

Ironically, the search for texts for the retention of the taz forum also demands a taaz article from 1996, which is from the rehearsal of another forum.

In "over control" niklaus hablutzel reported at the time about a misspelled experiment of john katz, whose satirically meant call for the first time a geek force ("global effort to eradicate know-nothings") almost to fascist vigilantum on pages of internet nerds had guided. The approved forum had to be closed after only hatred of people was founded there, which were in the eyes of the nerds technological stupid bags. Habelutzels conclusion: "failed (…) jon katz with his idea of a rational self-control of the network."

Peter glaser, the this-year-old trager of the ingeborg bachmann prize, answered the question of why he at the time "viennese" written and edited by that you also write good articles for a bad newspaper. Analogously, internet forums could last for a chance to spread good discussions in a rather vague medium and disseminate usable information. As far as the forum of the taz is concerned, this chance is finalized.