New problems in flamanville, fessenheim shutdown wobbles

New problems in Flamanville, Fessenheim shutdown wobbles

Uralt-akw fessenheim. Image: florival fr / cc by-sa-3.0

It comes to the eklat as france does not want to hold the shutdown promise 2020 because flamanville probably will not go on the net 2020

Once again, according to the french nuclear power company edf, the shutdown of the oldest french nuclear darts on the upper rhine are shifted backwards. Repeatedly promised, the operator edf still has been formally no decommissioning requested. This was known on tuesday at the meeting of the monitoring committee in the alsasic colmar. Thus, the promise of the french government and the environment minister francois de rugy is again called into question. He had definitely determined the shutdown for the coming year, which was already the ninth envision.

For many years, a variety of governments has always been promised the shutdown and then moved again and again. Meanwhile, on the german rhine side, the responsible person obviously bursts the collar. The swr reported that it is now with one "hand-proof sklat" have to do. Quoted the freiburg government principal barbel scherer. "Three" she called the non-compliance with government promise. "We must force the french government now to talk plain text, especially in their role as the majority owner of edf", because 85% of the shares in the edf are in the hands of the french state. The government is therefore invited to move the edf to comply with the commitment.

The reason is that the negotiations between the highly indebted edf and the french government are stalled by a deceleration of around 490 million euros. If a commission has to be formed for this, the boss of the nuclear power plant simon-jean declared. He also means that the shutdown continues to be coupled to the commissioning of flamanville, which the german side further emport.

It is always a matter that the practically government nuclear power company will be compensated by the state overpowering for the shutdown of two dilavones meilern. They are more than 40 years old, against aircraft styles not protected and have other massive problems. A meiler was even more superimposed because of a little water, since not even the control cabinet was waterproof in a highly dangerous system. Also known is that a steam generator with folded security certificates is installed.

The deficiency, which also showed the eu stress test, were also not eliminated by readings and safety "only conditionally improved". An expert report points to "partially serious safety deficits" there: "retructions can only partially compensate for weak points due to the basic design of the system." that’s why he had to be turned off. Or one had to demand dramatic reversals that were so expensive that the edf is voluntary.

But in france, this does not want anyone in france, which is why the asn after a shutdown also scrap miles allowed the further operation, although the supervisory hereto is always the "worrying security situation" criticized in french nuclear power plants. One problem is that the nuclear powerland virtually every winter, if it’s a bit cold, stands in front of a blackout, as last in january. Then france, which has completely overslept the energy transition, at the european network.

Actually, the minister of the environment had decoupled the shutdown fessenheim from commissioning the new reactor in flamanville. But with the dwindling hope that the new one "european prerized reactor" (epr) in the coming early year with a nine-year-old delay and a cost explosion of planned 3.3 on the net on the net, the shutdown fessenheim 2020 is again called into question. And immediately the coupling dips again.

New problems at the epr

Currently, new and expensive problems with chinests are shown on the epr. Therefore, it is probably not only more expensive, but it comes to further delays if the asn does not descend the defective chinestal seam. On the other hand, however, their experts have pronounced and the nuclear supervision wants to be on the 29. May do that, which expects tension. If she is prompted, then pretty sure that the epr will not go into operation in the coming year, as telepolis had expected) the chances that fessenheim finally turned off were further sinking.

The edf had received ten years to build the new epr. The approval was requested in 2017 on april 2020, but then he will continue to be able to continue to run if the silenced seam is carried out for applicable safety regulations. In any case, this reactor was never allowed to take his dangerous activity. It should be remembered that there is not only tailing problems here. There are also blacksmithing problems. But they do not find themselves at steampring, but at the reactor container. The steel is poor.

But here, too, the nuclear supervision that likes to push both eyes before security ies has found a state-carrying solution. So after a few years, the committee lid should be checked. You do not even know how that should happen. From the bottom of the reactor container, which has similar problems, one does not speak at the asn, as this is completely impossible. It’s time to give up the expensive construction courines and finally transform, instead of making the fiasco always gross.