Abolish cash?

In the bank world you are thinking about how savers can be dismilled

The negative interest fiscal strategy has its risks for the financial institutions. Coarse moving push your credit back and forth, but to get to your returns, but this is obvious to the system, on the other hand, is nothing to do. But there is a level that new rules love, which, namely, acts on which a mass of small spheres. Who spreads the tendency to bring your money from the bank to turn in cash and pick it up to the house or in the vault. So are private losses to avoid. And however, the banks should do nothing?

There is a patent solution: create the cash, it is an antiquated means of payment. In an interview with the german economic news robert halver reports from baader bank on this idea as a perspective in the middle view.

She has to add to her well-sounding propagandistic reasons: if everything is electronized — which is why people should hen the people in their pocket with a barem money? The bankcard makes everyday life easier. In addition, the abolition of cash is suitable for reducing criminality and reducing black money traffic. Is not mentioned in this banking advertising: if there is no longer the cash, the small economic operators will complete with glassy people.

Surely the financial market, if it serves the capital utilization, will also increase the interest rate again, also switching boards inherent here to the system. But the own contribution of spares by cash is from the point of view of banks or such a sturkeeper, it lets themselves reform.

Capitalism critic once have a "dictatorship of the financial capital" warned. The trend then does not have to be accompanied by the abolition of democratic policies, it can be completely moderate, under the aid of governments and parliaments: cash? Does not the people need more, in the beautiful new world of digitalatite.