The legal consequences of the decsss case

Interview with axel horns: "the free public distribution of the weak cryptographic procedures must continue to be possible."

An interview with axel horns, mailing information technology and society (fitug), to the legal consequences of the decss falls and the question of how german judges decided in this case. One of the answers is that the reverse engineering of dvd-css software according to german law only for purposes of interoperability permanent goods. But the diekewelt of the decompilation paragraph of the copyright law adjusts at all over to the reality of the open source scene?

Is reverse engineering from software in germany legal?

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Who is the lord of the pictures?

Monitoring and uncertainty: "red road"

Video monitoring is "in". As the subject of art and theory, as as the theme of the political discourse ‘. It was spaded significantly, at the latest, as the end of last year, the case of a 76-year-old pensioner nationally excited nationwide. The man had been brutally hinged in a subway of two fans. The act had recorded surveillance cameras, the pictures were published and the tatters soon identified and captured. Welcome campaign ammunition for the rights that, like the bavarian minister of interior joachim herrmann, used the opportunity and pladated for more video monitoring. A somewhat differentiated contribution to the grassing monitoring discourse now provides the british filmmaker andrea arnold in her movie "red road". He is dedicated to the seemingly unpolitical, private side of the topic and keeps the lazy of the lazy after the promise of "more safety". In fact, especially surveillance cameras may improve the observation of the crimes. No way but you can do it.

All pictures: fugu film rental berlin

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The fake floodlights

Overpeer inc. Tried, exchange bolts with a patent pending "method for preventing falling record sales" to hike

In recent weeks, numerous manipulated mp3 files appeared in filesharing networks. Behind this is obviously the new york company overpeer, which should make exchange bolts unusable on behalf of the music industry.

That had ciaran t. Not expected. Actually, he wanted to invite himself a song of the band no doubt from the net. With the exchange pool of your choice a matter of a few minutes. But when he played the mp3 file, he only got a man voice to horen to horen, who repeated a single sentence for minutes of doubt singer gwen stefani, "you shouldn’t do this."

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Resurrection of the mammoths in sight?

Scientists want to sequenced the entire genome of mammuts

Scientists of pennsylvania state university have sequenced with new sequencing machines all the genome of a mammoth, as they report in their article, which appeared in the magazine nature. The basis for this was that well-preserved hair of two mammoths were available, which in the siberian permafrost more than 20.000 or. 60.000 years frozen and so preserved.

Resurrection of the mammoths in sight?

Image: exhibitease llc – steven w. Marcus

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Who should pay?

Computer games could be art – if someone made themselves historiography

For computer games, most people have the same relationship as to chewing gum. Who does not like to chew himself, looks only dirty stains on the strain stick. Who does not like to play himself, knows from the horensagen brutal sliding games, which allegedly exclose massacre under schoolern. In this regard, henry jenkins as a literature professor is unobniotic. He leads the program for comparative media science at the massachusetts institute of technology (with), whose research approach he with the words "from homer to the holodeck" describes. Jenkins now calls computer games the "liveliest art form of 21. Century". Cinema, tv movie and jazz have also been despised until they established themselves as art forms.

At that time, in 1924, the american literature and art critics hilbert seldes published the book "the seven liveby arts". He was kept at best, he paid the broadway musical, comics and the hollywood movie to those seven arts and the hollywoodfilm. Seldes looked reflected in them the everyday life of industrial society and urban life. He called the artists he made art not only to their topics for alive, but also because they worked them with technologies of the gewart. All this also meets for computer games. Jenkins sees the time they came "as new popular art, the asthetics of the 21. Century shapes" take. Goods about the self-reliable use of the metaphor of the in a figure slip in "impress john malkovich" without the computer game possible?

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Alphabet of freedom

The koran as a source of own decision-making and base of civil law – a conversation with the syrian koranexegated muhammad shahrour

As "very slippery ground" the egyptian islam researcher nasr hamid abu zaid defined the koran. His syrian colleague muhammad shahrour sees itself as a matter of principle – but it will take out that the entire book may only be discourse. Rather, he resorts the large slip loss in the lack of border limiting between absolute and human authority (god’s word vs. Its interpretation). Under this pramisse, every generation must deal directly with the revelation, instead of traditionally lit stubborn. In the crossfire of his criticism, especially the sharia.

They emphasize that democracy is in the arab countries with a religious reform and falls. Why?

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Dream of “militar schengen”

Dream of'militar-schengen'

Eu-council prosident donald tusk in brussel on 14.12.17 for the basic pesco. Image: european union

The new european defense university pesco provides that 20 percent of the regularly increasing defense budget will be ied for the rust

There was enough start-up to a common european security policy, but this time it is serious – with the bundnis pesco (permanent structured cooperation), which was founded last december, a fixed instance should arise. The construction of this new european defense court will also be a topic on the upcoming munchner security conference of 16. To 18. Be in february,

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In the footsteps of lenin’s leisure

Russian internet comics between cult, art and commerce

In the footsteps of lenin's leisure, the "6 1/2" heroes of the same named russian internetcomics on a weekend trip to russian hinterland and located – communism is a serious thing. In a melancholic psych's seizure, the ranks of the seven friends – one is so small that he can only be paid as a half serving – on the saving idea of one weekend on the real-existing russian village, the inevitable dacha with small garden and drawbruno.

But the dasha is not only on the 101.-kilometer-of-moscow-off-paid, the minimum distance, which the soviet regime the political banishment and "feasts" prescribed, but directly in the near the kolkhose "lenin's leisure"1. And our heroes, with rasta-curls and cool sunglasses, have also looked great. Notwithstanding all common work efforts and the defense of dangerous threats in the form of so not virtual virtual wesparents and auxiliary neighbors, the result remains unsatisfactory – the beer goes out and also the constitution of a municipality !Free love! And other harassment goes wrong. The weekend excursion in communism, with voluntary work for all and involuntary partisan elements in search of the homecoming diesel, remains episode.

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The nationalist and bored and the volkian

When politicians and burger run dull prejudice

Many europeans, possibly even majorities, are convinced today that the rough number of escapeons from the middle east is a burden. That’s why it’s helpful to get the gross orders in mind.

Throughout the european union (eu), around 500 million people live, throughout europe even 800 million. And this comparatively pretty rich continent should sheer as if one or even two million escape is added? Does that mean something serious?

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The digital replacement order

The mummy 2 does not save special effects

Who stands this summer in the cinema, wondering what success in hollywood is measured. The stamp of the satisfaction on the part of the film studios certainly receives every movie, of which a continuation is turned. And this year we expect some copies like "rush hour 2" and "dr.Dolittle 2". There may be almost amazing that 21 years after the first part of "indiana jones" nobody finds time to continue this trilogy after the third and unfortunately also last crusade (1988). Meanwhile, the ancestors are served by spielberg lucas at the heritage of the adventure film and in the case of the "ruupted the mummy" not even bad.

The digital replacement order

Quiet "the juxtage of the mummy"

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