Thick air in german city

Thick air in German city

Munich. Image: alexas_photos / common-free

The excitement about the driving ban of diesel vehicles and the coarse picture

At the driving ban for diesel vehicles, an excitation wave after the other. Since the grun-black government in baden-wurttemberg briefly decided, "that diesel cars that do not fulfill the euro 6 standard, on days with high pollution burden in parts of the stuttgart city center from 2018 driving ban received", increase the cream and the business representatives.

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Just recharge, is not enough

Just recharge, is not enough

E3dc. Image: hendrik luders

Charging stations for each house are duty, but climate-friendly are electric cars only with pv or wind power

If it goes according to the eu commission, will be compulsory from 2023 for new buildings and refurbishment of the installation of a charging station for electric cars. Every house should then have at least one loading point. In coarse buildings, parking garage and underground garages should be at least every tenth parking space.

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The direct digital link from the satellite to the dvd is missing

For radio exhibition 2005 all manufacturers drove similar strategies

If the film and music industry – ie the software branch of the consumer electronics – realizes what the customer wants, sometimes does not put it on it to do it to him. At least instantly, the consumer electronics hardware manufacturers seem to have a similar problem.

What was new about the international radio exhibition this year? In the audio area was rather little innovative to see. Yes, ok, almost every manufacturer had a portable mp3 player with flash memory or hard disk to touch against apple’s ipod. Some manufacturers now also built mp3 players in clock radio or mini ghettoblaster (so-called. Ghetto) like the philips "shoq box" pss 120. However, the question arises how this course is still legally complied with if the music industry only provides cds with copy protection, of which maximum copy-locked wma formats can be generated (kopitus interruptus), including the german online music shop "everything auber mp3 "offer that the warning sharks also take ogg on the grain (faules brand-egg on ebay) and the link on suitable online music sources abroad can only be set safely from the music industry itself

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The macbeth effect

Circular cleanliness and clean morality

Pontius pilatus washed his hands to clarify his innocence at the death sentence of jesus. To wash in from his sundes is a religious idea that not only knows christianity. Behavior researchers have now declined the question of the extent to which moral ideas and cleaning of the body communicate – and behold, people tend to be more purifement if they are morally spotted.

In shakespeares stuck macbeth, lady macbeth, the macbeth’s wife, who stalks her husband to duncan (the konig of scotland) to climb itself to climb the throne, full of guilty nights through the castle. She is always and and over again the hands that are bloodstained in its inner perception, which speaks to himself:

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Ars electronica 2000: hudders talking to the symposium “next sex”

Totalitar bio-rhetoric has become final salon

How was that possible? With steelmen and nuchal words, the theses are read: the rape has to do with sex, not by force. The rape occurs in line with nature, which is called you an adaptation. And the sheer unfabbare high point (wortliche copy): "rape is a by-product of evolution, search as computers, arthritis a.O." ("the rape is a by-product of evolution, such as computers, arthritis u.A."To). – where are we here? At a lecture organized by neonazis on eugenik and racial hygiene in thuringen? For some freaky science sect in america? At dubious organic fascists of extreme rights of france? No, we are in the "city with sun in the heart"!

Extrauterine fetalincubation, nabuya unno / j, source: nabuya unno

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Steinbruck: no chancellor yet, but already bilderberger

The spd chancellor candidate has long lasted the consecration of discrete power

Still is peer steinbruck, the freshly baked spd chancellor candidate, did not arrive at the center of official power. Before joining the federal chancellery, the elections are known in the coming year. The initiation into the ranks of the discrete world connectors, the soufflees and stripping pullers of the unofficial power has brought behind the birth of hamburgs. Peer steinbruck, former minister president of north rhine-westphalia, was a participant of the secretive round of the bilderberger, which in 2011 for three days away from the public in the contemplative st. Moritz came together.

If the power elite zirkel bilderberg in secrets hullt, steinbruck’s participation in the conference is no longer a secret. The openness of the internet discusses the tour of the social democrats high and down. In the coarse media, however, steinbruck is glowing like hardly a chancellor candidate before; steinbruck flirting with the global power elite remains under the radar of the reporting. Is the participation of steinbruck at the bilderberg conference a problem? Yes that’s her.

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Athens, city of riots

Again, a policeman made a mistake, muslims are insulted and in athens burned again

Two weeks after demonstrations of xenophobic groups under the spring carrying of the right-wing extremes chysi avgi, the on 16. May the athenian center had turned into a battlefield from omonia square in the short term, spared unrest again in the middle of the last week. However, the foreigners went to the barricades this time. The riots found their flow of flow on friday. Also this time, as in december 2008, a mistake was a police action of the blame.

In greece, especially athens, it is ugly that policemen receive a kind of daily order via controlling offense (minor matters from athens). In response to the partially chaotic situation in the inner states of greece during the december of the december"until the government stumbles") the police were reorganized. Christos markojiannakis had received the responsibility of the police at the last government education at the beginning of 2009 as a vice minister of interior. He set a new police chief in athens with jannis rachovitsas. Rachovitsas is also known in journalist circles under the nickname "dirty harry". He has earned this title by strict procedures on a more early board of directors in central greece.

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Helps frontex in illegal pushbacks?

Helps Frontex in illegal pushbacks?

Screenshot from the frontex video

Air monitoring of the eu border agency has been able to trigger international rejections. Corresponding missions were carried out at the axle borders in front of libya and bosnia-herzegovina

For two years, frontex’s frontex frontex has been offering the eu member states to overwake their panels with an airplane aircraft. The flights of this "multipurpose aerial surveillance" (mas) are part of the greural monitoring system eurosur, with the frontex all the axes of the european union and the so-called "border" observed. To eurosur obedient so-called "fusion services", including satellite clarification and drone bottle.

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Afraid of the future

Bill joy, co-aging of sun, warns of the usual technique and calls for more control of technical progress

It has to be an event of a special kind when in coarse american newspapers like washington post or the new york times find the concerns of a relief of the technical elite against the technical progress entrance, especially the article "why the future can do without us" will appear in wired tomorrow.

Obsessed from the better future, which will bring technical progress with it, and excites from the still exploding borship ratings of the internet industry or biotechnology industry, which apparently seems to be a pillar in the economic near future, it’s difficult to get critical time. "Officially" must be proclaimed by the relatives of the industry optimism. Only computer pioneer danny hillis had a full optimism, which blessings will bring the compan games with themselves and that people are also ready to merge with the machines (danny hillis about the future of entertainment, the power of the game developers and the merger of humans and machine). There may already be surprise when bill joy, co-agent by sun microsystems, may envy, the new technologies could already lead to a decline in humanity within the next two generations.

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Greek anti-terror institutions in the amok against young academician

Greek anti-terror institutions in the amok against young academician

Image: wassilis aswestopoulos

13 years cultured house because of one "banned" love

In "the lost honour of katharina blum" heinrich boll addresses the hatz of a medium against an unduly woman who gets to know a man at a pub visit and taking it home. After a loving night, the apartment of the woman of martilian-occurring police turmoed. The short-term lover is sought by the police as a danger of morder.

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