The bolzplatz remains empty

For the retention of the online forum at the taz

You can keep from the taz, what you want, but one has to leave it: the internet term very fast. She was the first german daily at all with complete internet edition (1994), and also pursued a strategy of openness with the existing online reader forum for years

That was certainly not quite uninvigant, because you can also suppose the motive to strong the reader binding to the leaf. Without the solidarity of his readers, which is regularly strained by donation and abocomacagers, the sheet could not survive. But now the online forum has been closed. Why?

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Frankenmotte: gentechnics should stop invasive shadling

Frankenmotte: Gentechnics should stop invasive shadling

Kohlschabe (plutella xylostella). Image: david mcclenaghan, csiro, cc-by-3.0

Plan to release transgenic cabbage dams ignore indications for your predictable failure

The cabbage is originally from the mediterranean and is now widespread worldwide. In the us, the invasive moth was first noticed in 1854. His life cycle is quite short at normal ambient temperatures with about two weeks. He can handle rough stretch with wind underlature and is very fruitful – in one year can consequence of 30 generations together, and, according to experts, with progressive climate change probably even more.

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New problems in flamanville, fessenheim shutdown wobbles

New problems in Flamanville, Fessenheim shutdown wobbles

Uralt-akw fessenheim. Image: florival fr / cc by-sa-3.0

It comes to the eklat as france does not want to hold the shutdown promise 2020 because flamanville probably will not go on the net 2020

Once again, according to the french nuclear power company edf, the shutdown of the oldest french nuclear darts on the upper rhine are shifted backwards. Repeatedly promised, the operator edf still has been formally no decommissioning requested. This was known on tuesday at the meeting of the monitoring committee in the alsasic colmar. Thus, the promise of the french government and the environment minister francois de rugy is again called into question. He had definitely determined the shutdown for the coming year, which was already the ninth envision.

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The domination of the paramilitars

Now it has also caught the intelligence chief. Jorge noruega is the so far ranked functionar in colombia, which was taken in custodial due to cooperation with right militias and drugstanders

Unlike the hitherto nine detainees ("paragate" the political landscape of colombia is depressed) is noruega not only political bonded but also a narrow friend of prasident uribe. Before the prasident appointed director of the administrative department security (this), he had led uribes election campaign in the caribbean region. Noruega is not only accused that he has supported the paramilitars logistically, but also that he has passed on the personal data of several trade unionists from baranquilla, which were murdered. In addition, investigations in the prasidential election campaign 2002 as well as illegal enrichment and the disclosure of confidential information.

The allegations are not new. Already a year ago, the department head of the secret service had been arrested. At that time, the prasident was forced to take his husband from the weft line, and had sent him as a consul to milan. The rafael garcia convicted of 18 years in prison now raises his ex-boss, among other things, to have received several times sent by "jorge 40", the boss of the paramilitars on the caribbean custody.

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The jacket becomes a weapon

An electrorrent should provide for more security

Now the women still rushed; namely: in the us, after a report from wired, a product is to come to the market this year, which is similar to a knight’s rusting the carrier against unpleasant corpermal attacks. And the good thing is, if it is not a joke that the part does not rust and rattles, but looks really chic. The product carries the promising name no-contact jacket, and meaning is a new jacket that is the contact attempt of a bose buben by means of an 80.000 volts strong electric shocks wade.

This is possible this is a battery integrated in the clothing stuck, which transports the electricity via a fine layer of conductive aracon thread in the case of the attacker to give it a fierce, but by no means a dead blow. Which is natural compared to the commercial self-protection weapons such as knives or pistol enormous benefits. Finally, the jacket can not be used against the victim itself. And their targeted use prevents the attacker from being so seriously injured that one would like to justify themselves as a victim again for hours before the police because of a successful final rescue committee. In addition, there are no hasslich blood stain, which is known to be difficult to remove only.

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France: cooperation with syrian army possible

Aufemister fabius: the supreme goal is the case of rakka. Russia is obviously the most important partner of france

The french foreign minister laurent fabius surprised this morning: for the first time he did, who is possible to cooperate with syrian government forces. To war against the is he explained it, there are two procedures:

… The bombing (…) and ground forces that we can not put on, which are to come from the free syrian army, the arab-sunni crowds and why not from the syrian government troops.

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Is the ukraine again before the full outbreak of the war?

The struggle overlooks, financially and domestic politically sinks the country in the chaos, conspiracy theories of the government

The us will give ukraine a further $ 500 million military aid for the training of soldiers, was reported yesterday by ukrainian media and repeated by russian. These are reports that the struggle are overturned, especially the area seem to be mariupol and the surroundings of donetsk as in shyrokyne. As maybe both sides throw the breakage of the ceasefire, which is more and more only on the paper.

Is the Ukraine again before the full outbreak of the war?

Damage caused by the separatists by shelling the village hranitne at mariupol. Image: viacheslav abroskin, head of the director of the interior ministry in the donetsk region

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Dutch cancellation survey with a surprising result

In addition to christian and social democrats, the wilders party seems to have lost votes – as winners are forecasting left liberals, postmaotists and other

In the great britain and the netherlands, the european elections took place yesterday. However, the official result should be announced on sunday night only on sunday night if the 26 other eu countries have also coordinated. In the netherlands, however, there were secondary lifts in which about 40.000 wahler, who came from the electoral cabins, were asked which party they gave their voice. Such surveys are considered more reliable than telephone surveys, but are still subject to a certain error detriment, because the respondents in their answers can give preference to the seemable wishes of frager before the truth.

If the read-out survey result from the netherlands correspond to approximately the actual result, it would be surprise: after that, not only the christian democrats (which abandoned from 20.1 to 15.2 percent), the ruling social democrats (which with 9.6 instead of before 12.1 percent behind the postmaoists land) and the green (which instead of 8.9 reaches more than 7.8 percent), but also geert wilders and its euro- and islamcritical party for freedom (pvv), whose vote of 17 12.2 percent decreases. Thus, the pvv only lands four – and not (as expected by many observers) in place.

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The (not so) hidden us intervention in venezuela

Financing and support from the north for the opposition

The history of american influence in latin america is long. Mostly drugs are the occasion, but sometimes the ol, as in venezuela.

The united states are a mandrel in particular chavez ‘independent outdoor and olpolitik. Venezuela does not fug the us policy against colombia and has rejected both the list of own territory by the usa and a military district of colombia, the cooperation in bushs "anti-terroralian" denied and meant the afghanistan war "do not get terrorism with terrorism".

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