The left: protest party against social disposition

Why germany’s parties are not future-proof

With the bundestag election of september 2009, the last election burger was clear that the change in the party system of the federal republic is inexorably. The classic three (one half) parties system from cdu / csu, spd and fdp resulted in the greats in a four (one night) parties system over. Now it was "the left", to expand this to a fuf (one half) parties system. 5.15 million votes received the left; each ninth wahler voted for this party, which exists in its current form only since the summer of 2007, but not without prehistory. This consists of two strangely linked strangen and is important for any assessment of programs and politics.

In the first free-chosen bundestag of 1949, a left, a communist party was represented, 1.3 million votes and 5.7 percent share of the kpd to move into parliament. But already with the next election 1953 she failed: her defamation of the popular uprising in the gdr as "fascist coup" reduced them to 600.000 votes and 2.2 percent share. With the kpd ban from 1956, any radically left opposition came into the illegalitat.

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The fear of standstill

The fear of standstill

Central reclamation phase 3. Image: minghong / cc-by-sa-3.0

Hong kong: city of permanent change and compaction

"Laying a middle empire": what fritz rudolf fries as a title for a (novel) fiction auserkor, was for hong kong awarded twenty years to the actual reality. When the lease agreements with great britain delivered after almost a century, the kingdom had made the center of the crown colony. But from the executed "laying" undefired is built here, transfers and created, generated and handled. Located here is the place where unabashed is shown that economy governs the world. "Work hard, eat well, gamble high" is the general motto.

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Law to the nuclear phase-out could fail on the convey court

The law is too poorly formulated, as evidenced in an appeal in the environment committee

The amendment of the atomic law, with which the federal government wants to commit the nuclear phase-out, continues to be criticized. Although union and fdp of the opposition have come to meet and have now established exit data for individual nuclear power plants, but much does not fit together. Crafted mistakes in the law could take the exit even very dangerous, warning experts.

Much does not fit together with the accelerated energy transition, which the federal government was fully explored in fukushima. That already starts on the first page of the bill when union and fdp assert all seriously, by establishing the ethics committee "social dialogue" about the dangers that go out of nuclear energy, at all. Black-yellow does not want to be true in the atomic policy of burger protests, which exist much more than the chancellor angela merkel is in the federal policy.

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Dispute between saudi arabia and qatar

Dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Al udeid air base (2004) image: us government / common-free

The "anti-iran front" has several broken lines

If the well-known, well-known politicians with threats to speak, they act frequently as a stobrupp to pronounce what may not be pronounced at the official level. As such lung pipes, in a short time interval of the former us secretary of defense robert gates acted and now the diplomat dennis ross known in middle east circles.

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Eu wants “coordinator” setting up protests and cross-border sports events for summits

EU wants'koordinator' fur gipfelproteste und grenzuberschreitende sportereignisse einrichten

Uefa euro 2012 in warsaw. Image: piotr drabik / cc-by-2.0

Fubball fans and gift memorials get to do with a new eu institution: data exchange, rice locks and police cooperation with police coal positions should be centrally coordinated

For ten years, the european union has been an approximation of security cooperation with police coarse layers, the so-called "major events". For this purpose, sporting events as well as summit meetings. Now should also "third-country" be supplied with police and intelligence information. For discussion is a "european travel lock" for unpleasant "storer", the proposal comes from germany.

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The afd photoshopper, the arms npd and the stupid populated meck-pomm

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video check

With a musical cracker we start today in the weekend, played by a man who really did not like as neighbors. Unless you are deaf.

And after this wonderful performance, it’s about the pool, there’s always something going on how this small collection shows. Also this recreational employment is quite late, but in the long run quite expensive.

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Action games school attention

After a metastary, improve and accelerate computer games the cognitive processing of visual information

Computer player do not just make a pastime, they often train their cognitive feelings during hours, probably by the scan of certain capacities in training other less well-formed. This does not distinguish computer games from other games and at all of learned activities. Looking at action games, then it is clear that they require rapid processing of sensory information in order to quickly make strategic decisions and act accordingly – depending on the interface with more or less coarse motor use.

Computer games require a permanent attention and reaction rate, which in the density probably exceed the everyday behavior of most people, if they do not have to react like athletes or soldiers in extreme situations. If you zug in computer games too long, then the effects are difficult for the game, for example the virtual death or a defeat,. Players who not only win, but also want to train a virtuosity, rely on further acceleration of reactions and are also looking for games that offer new challenges.

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Communication with the self

An email interview with igor stromajer

The first appearance of igor stromajer was a surprise coup: in the network art competition "extension" the hamburg kunsthalle in 1997 came, saw and won stromajer with his work "0.Html". Although he had hardly atticed in the net art scene, he got the first prize from the booth, and was probably the most beamed by himself.

Communication with the self

Animated gif from igor stromajer.

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Berlusconi rooms legal party

The basic element of popolo della liberta also has meaning beyond italy

This weekend, the italian minister prosident silvio berlusconi created a new party mab-tailored party, popolo della liberta. It is an association of berlusconis previous party forza italia and the post-fascist allanza nazionale, which has already traversed in the last week.

Berlusconi Rooms Legal Party

Berlusconi celebrates the constituence of his party with a bombastic self-inspection. Image: pdl

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Corona triage

Corona Triage

Triage lights to distinguish patients in need. Image: triagelights / cc by-sa-3.0

A comment on the approval of the corona crisis published triage recommendations of the italian siaarti physicians

Triage – this is the sorting of patients in groups forward and subordinate to treat in a large massage of the availability resources. That has always been a delicate and stressful process.

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