Ostukraine: rucking the heavy weapons 2.0

Kiev and the separatists play with the minsk

It seems to have finally once again seemed to have been achieved progress in the implementation of the minsk agreement after months of frugal ceasefire. The trilateral contact group in minsk has apparently concluded that both sides are backed by the heavy weapons, as planned in the agreement for a long time, behind the contact or front line

The ukrainian prasident poroshenko has the representatives of ukraine, which, chaired by the osce with representatives of russia and the separatists negotiating, to have no direct sponsors to sign, to sign the decision to set up a 30 km wide buffer zone. Severe weapons such as tanks or artillery should be retracted. In force, the agreement is intended in a few days whether it is better adhered to as the previous commitments is questionable. Finally, now only happened, which had already been realized, but was permanently broken by both sides.

For the people who live in the buffer zone or close to her, the deduction of heavy weapons a gift. Always civilians had to expect it on both sides that they are shot. In addition, the jerking of heavy weapons became a sudden eruption of large combat action difficult. Indoor politics is the ukrainian government and, above all, poroshenko, who has been trying to find a peaceful solution for the hawks, but under prere. Especially the right sector as a representative of militant nationalists decided to carry out a referendum, in which poroshenko, the government and the rada pronounced the mistrust and to be convicted by the minsk deal as a betrayal (the right sector fights for survival).

Generally, the question is how far poroshenko and the government can still see as representatives of the people, according to surveys were just 13 percent poroshenko elections and around 2 percent jazzenjuk (ukrainian government without jerking in the population). And you can also ask yourself how serious it is poroshenko with the implementation of the minsk deal really. At the next step in which the "folk republics" a special statutory had to be maintained, one attempts to carry out this per forma to the western supports and donors, but to set conditions that were never accepted by the separatists (war stories from the ostukraine).

In addition, since government jazenjuk made a lot of government again at the meeting with nato commander breedlove, that the war in the steady state for the schleiteland also brings the advantage of demanding political, financial and military help. After jozjuk, it’s not just about the defense of ukraine in front of the russian threat, from the ukrainian separatists he prefers to speak before, but the "free world" will defend in ukraine, ultimately the safety and economic stability of the entire world. The word bubbles are accepted unwielded, unlike greece, ukraine is roughly heartfelt when it comes to new money syringes (fresh 1.8 billion from the eu for the bankruptcy-ukraine). There was no muck by finance minister schael, if again fast hundreds of millions of taxpayers in ukraine.

Poroshenko at any rate, at least that is now the real truce with the deduction of heavy weapons occurs and "the hostages that are illegally prisoners" be released. However, there is little exchanges of the prisoners. Poroshenko also hopes for the "effective control of the agreements by the osce". Of course, the covers that both sides violates the agreements.

Only in the last osce report will be accused of both sides to have heavy weapons on the contact line, also to push residential areas and to hinder the work of the osce observers as well as the osce drones to jams. Again and again it happens that back-drawn heavy weapons are no longer there. The osce observers note that some heavy weapons systems of separatists were retracted from the contact line. The separatists had also called an unilateral jerking of lightweight weapons. The osce rises this, but says that this is not a real jerking one that you can confirm.

It can be amed that the separatists were benefited from a ceasefire. Although they take more parts of the ostukraine for neurussia, but a ceasefire was allowed to reign their rule in the "folk republics" strengthen. Ultimately, both parties will focus on a frozen conflict that was secured by their survival opportunities and support by the west or russia.

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