Is the ukraine again before the full outbreak of the war?

The struggle overlooks, financially and domestic politically sinks the country in the chaos, conspiracy theories of the government

The us will give ukraine a further $ 500 million military aid for the training of soldiers, was reported yesterday by ukrainian media and repeated by russian. These are reports that the struggle are overturned, especially the area seem to be mariupol and the surroundings of donetsk as in shyrokyne. As maybe both sides throw the breakage of the ceasefire, which is more and more only on the paper.

Is the Ukraine again before the full outbreak of the war?

Damage caused by the separatists by shelling the village hranitne at mariupol. Image: viacheslav abroskin, head of the director of the interior ministry in the donetsk region

After the ukrainian general staff 10 were.000 russian soldiers and 30.000 armed separatists in the "folk republics" are located. Once again, a warning attack is warned. Pushing separatists in star rohnativka and marinka in the area of donetsk have been added and reintegrated to novolaspa. If this was done without the use of the luftwaffe, the press spokesman of the general staff vladyslav selezniov said. And he warned that the konne will be different in the future. However, it should be amed that the resumption of the air war was caused sharp reactions in moscow, in addition, the minsk’s agreement was allowed to finally failed, which also dots the german and french government.

Apparently, the right sector continues to fight on the front along with the regular troops. Because of a sliding in transcarpatia, some campers are located in court, which are decreased by the right sector as heroes. First of all, calls had become loud, now end-to-date to disarm the right sector or to integrate it into the regular dispute. Although this is more likely to be done by other militias, in order to seem to comply with the minsk agreement, the right nationalists from the right sector also attack against this symbolic step. They require, justified as a self-contemporary and independent militia, call a national revolution and just try to bring about a referendum to pronounce the government’s mistrust.

Is the Ukraine again before the full outbreak of the war?

The separatists refer to artillery shot by the ukrainian troops. Picture: novorussia

The right sector now builds further units and organizes militar shows, where membership of the militia is committed and the national ideology is propagated. Just threatens the right sector the action planned in odessa "odessa pride". The lgbt event of 14.-16. August is a provocation in the face of the struggle in the ostukraine. The event with one "march of equality" konne to riots drove, is warned: "even if no one comes to prevent the event from taking place, many war veterans, ultras and normal burgers in the city are not aware of their eyes", so serhiy sternenko, the head of the right sector in odessa.

The demonstration should only provoke what is then reported by the russian media and would lead to that fewer tourists come. Only the right sector actually needed. You will be backed up, but however, the event will not take place, surko sybillinian. But it is clear that he threatens violence. At 6. June had only trail of the right sector "march of equality" in kiev attacked. For the militant nationalists in ukraine, gays, lesbians and transgender are similar as for the right in russia a stone of the onto.

Meanwhile, everything is not in the sense of the ukrainian government is a russian provocation. A legitimate and recognized political opposition can no longer exist under the animeration by militia such as the right sector, especially since some oppoisitional politicians and journalists have already been killed, which means that ukraine continues to be a democratic legal state.

The former transition propulsion and current chairman of the motential national security and defense council (nsdc) turtschinov also arises again in pointing the conflict to keep the assistant standing behind ukraine. According to him, there is information that the russian intelligence services provocations in the "folk republics" with high losses were planned. Presumably, he ames that straight vehicles of the osce observer mission were flared in donetsk. It is unclear, however, who is responsible for dafur. Kiev says the separatists want to distribute the observers to act unhindered, for the separatists it was a stop by kiev. After turrettschinov the "bloody crime" then be presented as the ukrainian disputes are responsible for the "on numerous provocations" be reacted.

The logic is ultimately that by false flag actions the "terrorist" attack himself to discredit the ukrainian dispute internationally and to distract the attention of that russia is responsible for the launch of mh17. In addition, russia should "aggression" be justified, during "ukraine deprived of the support of the world and isolated internationally" will be. The russians, said tuchninow, which robbed of every belam to believe, he should ever have stressed, provoking that the same number of civilians were killed as the mh17 is launched. The russian intelligence services were "nursery, training facilities, infrastructure and other perfect scenarios for art terrorist attacks".

However, not only because of the dramatic financial position of ukraine (showdown before ukraine bankruptcy?) a critical point to be achieved. Prasident poroshenko has commissioned its aufeister klimkin to quickly arrange a meeting in normandy format with the aubinministers of france, germany and russia. Allegedly, fabius and steinmeier have agreed, klimkin had made aware of the fast-fitting situation in the ostukraine. The question is also whether the military situation is associated with the requested debt section.

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